Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Before I Turn 30

don't wish me just yet.

and no, i won't waste this space for philosophical 'evaluation' of my life. or 're-examine' my life-choices. or 'dwell' on past mistakes and 'dream' of past achievements. i'm turning 30 and i'm just going to enjoy a BIG birthday!

my 25th birthday cake

before turning 30, i had wanted to do 30 new things.

  1. i want to make sambal belacan : check!
  2. i want to be less choosy in food : i ate fig. yech. and owh, check!
  3. i want to at least finish a whole level of an xbox game (khaleef, mak la pulak!) : check!
  4. i want to bake other than cheese and choc cake. i baked brownies! : check!
  5. i want to...urm..
  6. well..i..
  7. let's see..
  8. there's that..
  9. wait i know i did something...oh yes, i did wear an abaya! which i didn't think i'd ever do!
  10. ...
* * *

ok, i did not get pass 5! well, some things change -

  • i've been living in dubai for the past 8 months!
  • i'm a mother of two? me! the tomboyish freakazoid!
  • i tried cooking a LOT of new dishes for my hungry boys and mr. khairul was *nice* enough to just keep quiet when it's not spicy enough or pekat enough - and sweet enough to always make yummy sounds when it's good.
  • i have a blog! (erm. you're reading it)

and some things that stay the same -

  • i still collect tissues, stirrers, free postcards and other lovely junks. since 1997.
  • i still prefer t-shirt and jeans
  • i still LOVE fast-food and indomee despite my resolution to eat *healthy*
  • my choice of tudung is still the regular bawal, and have not graduated to tudung mrs mawi or lilit-lilit (niraku taught me how to lilit once, and i just can't quite get it right yet!)
  • i still haven't read richard adam's 'watership down' but i still very much in love with my books!

* * *

turning 30
by syigim

here i am, look at me
still more to do, yet more to see
years of tears, joys, no bores
oh well lemme be 30 in due course

from tomboy kook to mom of two
years flew by as they often would do
today i wish that time moves slow
oh heck i'm turning 30 tomorrow

it's just a number, i shall not fret
i'll have a small BIG birthday bash i bet
get a cake, noise-makers, party hats and balloons
oh wow-wee i'm gonna be 30 soon

alhamdulillah for this one more year
to continue my journey with loved ones so dear
but hey, i still look 20, let's just say
though the truth is i'm 30 after today!

p/s don't wish me just yet, i'm still 29!


Mama Safiyyah said...


even I cant believe this sneakers and baju kurung girl is a mom....the boys are soooo very lucky....i bet you're a great mom....

happy birthday dear.....

Arin said...

syigim: dah melepasi 12am..leh wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY..and u & me sama la..still "bawal"..nama lah tudung apa pon, den tak reti pakai!

AALAA' said...

happy 30th!! wow stil u dont look 30 ! (evenmore a mother of 2 pulak tuh!) kira best la kan, hehe. May u have a wonderful & blissful birthday and the days after that :)

Syigim said...

>> yeen, of course i'm d coolest mom there is hhihihohohoho.. thanks for the wish, yeen! :)

>> kak arin, thanks for the wish yg sgt tepat waktu.. hihi.. tu la we're simple, eh? tp besttt! :)

>> alaks, yah i get that all the time (cewwwahhh!) i wish! thanks for the wish! so sweet of you! :)

sofia said...

ha'. the cake looks soooooooooo delecious

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