Friday, May 28, 2010

Tag : Get to Know Your Blog

i love being tagged. answering tag questions is no doubt, one of the easiest ways to write a blogpost - you don't have to crack your head for a topic to write about, you're just answering questions and you have fun coming up with answers!

some people might find it quite taxing, answering all those intrusive questions - but i enjoy every minute of it!

thanks aisha for the tag!

ok, first put this up before you answer the questions.

1. Where are you?
dubai. oh, you mean, where i am exactly? on my bed.

2. What do you do?
i've been a lecturer, a mag editor, and a mentor at a kids' development center. now i'm trying to stay sane as a fulltime home-maker to my husband and 3 boys.

3. What is your blog name and why?
it's 'how do i spell the word' because i'm a language major and i love to write, so that phrase just came out.

4. When did you start blogging?
circa october 2008, i quit my job, moved to dubai, and i was pregnant with my 2nd boy - so new place, new baby, new life - what better time to blog all about it!

5. Give the link when you were the happiest to blog?
i'm generally a happy person with the occasional bout of raging temper that drove me to the brink of insanity (what with living together with four boys!) - so about 90% of my blog content is hoppity happy - especially when i go makan, write about my honey, my kids and my sisters.

owh, ok. nak sangat baca posting gembira - i guess it's when i had kahfi and kazim!

6. Give the link when you were the saddest to blog?
you would think it's all the posts about my mak, right? but surprisingly not. contrary to what you might believe, i LOVE writing about my mak. there were tears, no doubt, but i wasn't sad when i blog about her. i was keeping her memory alive!

so i guess the saddest i've been when i blog was about the last day before azi and syida left dubai after spending a fun one month here. sob! sob!

7. Give the link when you were the angriest to blog?
i seldom write angry posts. i had a most terrible experience on the emirates airline on the way back kl-dubai last year, but i didn't even write about that. malas nak bising-bising dalam blog.

and also, i DON'T write about the current political situation. however, during the perebutan kuasa in perak, i was angry. i wasn't really taking sides, but i was angry at the whole thing. especially since it involved my beloved state, where i was born and raised.

so wanna read an angry me, read my posts on the perak drama here and here. you have been warned.

8. Give the link when you were most in love?
like aisha, it's obviously all posts under the tag 'love' - duuh! - but this one takes the cake. a little romantic note written in japanese that sealed the deal - i was his forever!

do NOT click here if you're this close to throwing up! haha.

9. Give the link of a post that turns out to be very meaningful to you?
on the eve of the new year of 2004, i lost my best friend, my good listener, my walking dictionary - my mak. this post is my small dedication to this wonderful person who played a huge part in my life. i miss her everyday.

truly it's the most meaningful post of all. click here to read.

10. Tag some friends to know about their answer?
kak arin, fida, fairus, ica, anneeza & hidayah - time to korek-korek the old posts! i wanna know!

* * *

i'm a total blog-addict, especially to mine. and yes, i do browse through my old posts, just to reminisce, and to just - read. so this tag gives me a reason to do that again! hope it does the same for you!

and since i was already rumaging through old posts, here's one of my many favorites of all time since the first day i blogged - click here for khaleef and kahfi's trip to a kampung barber - with black and white photographs, and old skool malay writing. enjoy.


~ f i d ~ said...

Interesting..on #3, aside from the story..I love reading your blog because of your writing I know why.. you write so well

paij188 said...

i loved answering questions from tag. oka i buat, hahaha!! thanks syigim!

ICA said...

Syigim, mcm mana I nak jawab tag niii...baru 3mths...entries pun tak banyak lagi hehehe. Btw, u sooo love to answer tag questions kan.... and I sooo love reading it.

thanks for the tag. Masuk my to-do list again lah ni...hai, pending..pending..homework...homework...

ps: Have a great weekend ya...

Syigim said...

>> fid, thanks for ur sweet words :) i simply LOVE writing! hihi.

>> fairus, cepat okeh! nk baca ur angry/romantic/sad/happy postings! add ur most fav jgk ok! :) lookin forward to it!

>> ica, 3mths of good writings pun will surely have one of each kan..(angry/sad/happy posting)..hihi

Silent Scribbler said...

Yeay, you did it! You didn't mention it, but I love your movie reviews too, and your makan2 adventures. :-)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

eh ni Hidayah mana ni kena tag ni? me ke? hehe..just checking..kot2 lah ada hidayah lain.. (kalau org lain takpe2.. I pandai2 sorok2 cover malu..)

Syigim said...

>> aisha, i really enjoy writing movie reviews too, you know! should've put that under 'happy' posts hihi

>> yes, it's YOU hidayah. i'm your latest stalker! ;) so get on with that tag - pronto!

arin said...

wokeh akan buat.mau korek isi entry dulu..

Syigim said...

dah baca, kak arin! sayanggggnye dia kat pwincess2 dia tuuu! ;)

check out these postings too!

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