Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chicken Rice Syigim : 1st Try!

sure, i can cook. nasi putih. basic lauk. simple sayur. pasta. maybe one or two cakes. burnt some muffins once.

but i can't make rendang, pulut kuning, sayur lala or gulai sembilang salai like fairus. you gimme ketam and i wouldn't know what to do with it. gimme daging and i couldn't tell when it's done. some people know up to 10 different lauk using santan. i probably know only one.

so when i say i tried to make nasi ayam for the first time, it is a big deal.

* * *

i wanted to do this for our anniversary. a suprise. mr. khairul went to work that sunday morning, and off i went on an adventure which involved a dell notebook, an actual notebook and multiple windows opened - mostly with the words 'nasi', 'ayam', 'resepi' and 'senang'. hihi.

i googled, and i googled hard. i looked for the simplest way to make chicken rice, using the least complicated ingredients. and this was what i came up with. the end result was satisfactory!

* * *

ok judge me all you want but i was very proud of myself! making nasi ayam for the first time and it tastes pretty okay!

the rice was the usual soft and sweet-smelling but had less chicken-taste lah. can anyone help - give tips or tell me what i might have done wrong, and what you usually do differently?

the chicken was finger-lickin-fantabulous - marinate with oyster sauce, kicap tamin, garlic and honey - but i wish it had been double-fantabulously juicy like fairus's chicken. ayam dia juicy gile!

i can't get over how wonderful these dips turned out! the chilli sauce sweet and spicy, while the garlic soy sauce emits a most tantalizing smell, especially when poured over the freshly fried marinated chicken.

khaleef checkin out the chicken in the kitchen (try saying that twice as fast!)

* * *

okay, when all was done, it all boiled down to what this one man says. after all i was cooking for his tummy!

yay! nanti bole masak lagi!


arin said...

Nasi dan ayam nya menggiurkan.Nyum.
Teringat buat nasi ayam kat Hall dulu.Shah kan partner ngn kak arin masak. Puas ajar dia masak nasi ayam, asik ngelat je dia. :)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Looks yummy ... coongrats on the first attempt.. remembered the first time I cooked it by myself (without my mom to supervise) was in F4 and made it at a friend's house, a bunch of us girls stayed overnight.. anyway.. the girls started eating my chicken in the kitchen after I marinated (belum goreng ni!) by the time I wanted to fry it, less than half remained.. we ended up having nasi ayam with egg omelettes..hehe

I usually put like alot of the chicken broth and only a little bit of water (kalau ikut I semua guna air sup- tapi mak tak kasi..hehe), and tumis the garlic with kulit kayu manis and (alamak what's that star shaped one called?) together, and add it to the rice. My mom makes the BEST chicken rice in the world ..can eat and eat and eat

Syigim said...

>> kak arin, ade one day ni notice kat fb kak arin masak simply for lunch. selamba je kak arin buat, so terpikir la nk try sendiri buat nasi ayam :)

>> thanks hidayah! :) f4 dah buat nasi ayam!! good for u hihi. thanks for the tips, hidayah. next time i'll try puting in the 'star' thingy too haha. bunga cengkih ke ha? :P

ummiluqman@azma said...

looks yummy la syigim.. terliur tgk.. siap ada gambar step by step..rajin lepas ni nak try apa lagi..jgn lupa share ye..

paij188 said...

congrats! well done for a first timer! I am so PROUD of you! :) everything looks absolutely wonderful! and proper too! u did it!

hidayah: the start shape one is called 'star anise' bunga lawang. :)

Syigim said...

>> thanks, azma! waah..1st time try dah ade org terliur..bestnye :) next time nk try buat nasi tomato sedap mcm fida punya hahaha..

>> fairus, you have no idea what it means to me with your comment, esp comin from a kitchen-guru! haha :)) (tersengih2 kat sini)

and thanks for the info! ingatkan bunga cengkih tadi..

strawberi said...

nasi biasanya..buh daun pandan..utk wangikan nasi :)

aiDieNa said...

Ohhh.. nampak sangat sedap.. teringin nak raser larr.. sib baik I tak der makhluk kecik lam peyut nie.. kalau tak meleleh ayaq lioq.. huhuhu

Syigim said...

>> ye la cik strawberri! lupa plak nk tambah daun pandan. tapi kat dubai ni kena gi kedai thai la plak kalo nk cari daun pandan. ;)

>> aiDieNa, nampak sedap ke? hihi..blom rase lagi tau.... ;)

strawberi said...

weather kat sana camne...ape kata syiqim berkebun sket...bleh dpt benda2 pandan, serai...
ehehehe..leceh sume nk bli...lagi suka buh serbuk kunyit sket je..stgh sudu nasik jadik warna kuning ..

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