Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Big Bangin Theory

i'm a huge, HUGE fan of f.r.i.e.n.d.s. every scene, every line, every moment of the series is etched in me. i can watch the episodes again and again, and a billion times more. i even enjoy having it in the background while i'm cooking or ironing, without really watching it.

mr. khairul thinks i'm beyond insane when it comes to memorising what chandler says next, or the lyrics to phoebe's whimsical songs - but it's undoubtly, my most favorite sitcom, ever.

mr. khairul doesn't share my passion for the 6 central perk gang, however, there's a new rival in tv town - and this time, mr. khairul joins the club...

* * *

'the big bang theory' is undoubtly the FUNNIEST sitcom since f.r.i.e.n.d.s. now it's a favorite for both of us!

you might think - four geeks and a dumb blonde, plus a lot of boring science jokes that you cannot get. however, the 'geeks' are actually brilliant physicists and one engineer while the 'dumb blonde' is a street-smart chick!

and the script - yes, science jokes included - i cannot even describe it - are insanely hillarious. genius writing. absolutely genius.

'the big bang theory' is about two physicist roomates - leonard (has the most common sense) and sheldon (incredibly narcissistic, thinks he's smarter than evryone else). the two hangs out with the only non-phd engineer dude howard (perverted ladies-man wannabe) and astrophysicist raj (has 'selective mutism - inability to talk to women unless drunk!).

they are insanely smart, totally into comic books, x-box and online games as well as cult-movies like starwars, star trek and battlestar gallactica. heck, label them nerds, geeks or dorks but to me they're totally super cool!

one day a new hot neighbour moved in next door - penny, the blonde waitress at the cheesecake factory. then on begins the tale of four guys and a girl - the four socially awkward, and the girl showing them the ropes on how to properly live like a normal person!

a really *hot* picture of the cast

it's truly a fresh, unique brand of comedy - a must-watch! as an appetizer for you, here's a youtube clip on one of the many, many outrageously funny scenes from the show. enjoy!


nadnye said...

love and miss friends, my brother siap ada video (yang besar, lama dulu2) the whole set.. lepas tu ulang tayang( skang nie dah kemana-mana), tapi best

"the big bang theory", dah keluar ker kat MSIA?... nie yg teruja nak tgk..

Syigim said...

nad, uish siap zaman video2 dulu.. then tuka cd. pehtu dvd. now ppl download je! :P

nways mmg i suka sgt2 friends! :)

i'm not sure big bang theory dah klua kat msia. blom kot. kat dubai ni pun br je klua padehal dah season 3 dah :) my sis download :P

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