Friday, May 7, 2010

Last-Minute Shopping : Naif Souq

it's my mother-in-law's final full-fledge day in dubai before flying back to malaysia. mr. khairul, the ever thoughtful son brought his mak for 'last kopek' shopping!

it's also an 'auspicious' day because it was my final day of pantang, and my first day out jalan-jalan in weeks! woohoo!

where to? naif souq!

the boys pigeon-watching

tak sangka ade 'trafalgar square' kat naif! hihi.. the boys had super-fun watching the whole lotta pigeons lepak and makan. a pakistani man was seen feeding the birds too. kahfi la paling excited because he has starting to pronounce 'bird' - this is because few birds were always hanging out outside our window!

taking a break - vege samosa with hot 'chai' (teh tarik)

okay, i don't know where this is, but we were on our way walking to naif souq. as dubaians very well know, it's a real suicide looking for parking spots in naif, but lady luck was smiling on us that day! still kena jalan quite a distance but better than tak jumpa parking lansung!

naif souq is a popular 'market' in dubai selling especially the abaya (jubah hitam arab tu), shawls, scarves, pashminas, as well as kids clothings, bags and such.

here, mr. khairul's mom did a lil bit of last-minute shopping. i'm almost ABSOLUTELY sure mr. khairul and i will never go here again without his mom, (with all the hassle of parking, hot weather, having to push 2 strollers and 3 boys in tow!) so i quickly grab a few stuff myself!

the boys are fine at the beginning, but naturally grew restless after awhile.

khaleef kept pestering about wanting to play the 'snake' game in my hp. kahfi mengamuk mengantuk. kazim mengamuk nak milk. it was pretty chaotic, but still under control. for now!

mr. khairul - good job, partner!

* * *

after the hectic hours at naif souq, we headed on to kak ziela and bro haza's place to see them. why? as of tomorrow, they're leaving dubai for good!

thanks for the kuih-muih (walaupun esok dah nak balik malaysia!) and sweet kurma. datang pun sebab nak tayang baby kazim hihi.

thank you for your friendship, and good company. you guys will be missed!

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