Sunday, May 9, 2010

Untuk Mak Sedunia

i am a mother.

(boy, that sounds so wonderful!)

i am a mother of three boys. 3. THREE. tiga. 3 BOYS. which sounds totally insane 15 years before - but seemed so fulfilling at this moment in my life.

happy mothers day to me!

* * *

much has been said about my mak in this blog, so no more sad tales here. instead, i will just honor her in this small mention in my humble blog, totally insignificant as compared to what she had done for me and my sisters.

a mak who was very strict when it comes to making sure we've done our homeworks. a mak who was so cool i could tell her about the crush i had for this cute boy in poetry101 class. a mak so smart she could quote shakespeare. a mak who can make the best ayam masak merah. a mak whose eyes squinted when she laughed at my jokes. a mak who was the best listener - ever.


a mak who is my mak. happy mother's day.

* * *

my eldest sis yong, and my younger sis syimot

yong wrote this as her facebook status today :

"Wishing my sisters Syigim Sharifuddin (mother of 3) and Syima Sharifuddin (mother of 2) 'Happy Mother's Day'. Walaupun mak tak sempat melihat the 2 of u as mothers, u have turn out to be great moms. Al-fatihah to arwah mak."

~ From Syimee Sharifuddin (future mother of 4!)

my sisters. dulu kakak dan adik comot. sekarang mama kepada budak-budak comot. happy mother's day.

* * *

god works in mysterious ways. He took one, but He gave 3 and more in return!

these are the women i go to when i wanna know how to steam fish. i went to them to introduce mr. khairul for the very first time. i call them up to tell them i'm at the hospital doing check-ups. i share news with them. share stories. share updates. most importantly, these are the women i go to when i'm hungry!

these are my 'moms' too.

my mak's sisters - aunty na, mak keh and cik. happy mother's day.

auntyna, mak keh and cik

* * *

abah, my younger sisters syidot and azot, with umi

to umi, thank you for being there taking care of abah. happy mother's day.

* * *

this is the mother who gave birth to her first born, who would soon grow up to be a smooth-talker. he eventually won the heart of this ipoh girl, and rode off into the sunset to a castle built on a rainbow.

thank you to mr. khairul's mom for bringing him up well to notice me as mother to his children. happy mother's day.

* * *

got this from fida's facebook wall :

i am a parent, cook, housekeeper, teacher, nurse, handy man, maid, security, coordinator, supervisor, nutritionist, caretaker, personal assistant, life coach, bookkeeper, laundry maid, taxi driver and a motivational speaker. i don't get holiday pay, sick pay, or days off. i am on call 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. now, ......tell me YOUR job is harder than mine. post this if you're a MOM...(~o❤‿❤~o)

says it all, huh?

* * *

happy mother's day to all my buddies who are mothers, moms-to-be and moms-at-heart. we are the queens of the world!


paij188 said...

happy mother's day syigim! let us pray that we will be a great, better super mommies than before. :)

ICA said...

beautiful words syigim....I love reading this....simply beautiful. Wishing you a happy mothers day to you dear friend.....hugs to the 3 heros from auntie ica. :))

FiDa@aMiDa said...

happy mother's day 2u2...semoga kita menjadi ibu yang lebih baik^& dan byk bersabar dalam mendidik anak2 kita..Insyallah amin

Nadiah Sidek said...

suka la entry syigim ni! happy mother's day syigim!

lina said...

Syigim..terharu nyer dengan kata2 Fida at her facebook wall.

Fauziah said...

love it to bits...what will i ever do without your blog....u r a great mom...

Syigim said...

>> fairus dear, happy mother's day back to you! insyaAllah we'll be better and better each coming year!

>> dear ica, thanks for the nice words :) you had a great mother's day celebration too, i see ;)

Syigim said...

>> fida dear, happy mother's day jugak! :) aminnnn.. sabar tu yg i kurang skang ni, fida! :P

>> thanks nadiah dear! :) happy mother's day too!

Syigim said...

>> lina, comelkan wordings tu...mmg betul pun! bapak2 ayah2 dan papa2 yg patut baca n renungkan! hihihi...

>> fauziah dearie, thanks for d sweet words! :) to handle two screaming kids AND make time to uli roti canai - hey, you're a great mom too! ;)

Izan Ishak said...

syigim...happy mother's day!
sgt tersentuh dgn n3 kali ni...

~: UmmiNor:~ said...

1 kapal la kita..i'm a mother to 3.THREE. TIGA. hero as well! ahaks...

Syigim said...

>> izan, happy mother's day to you too ~ wowwww you lagi la mom-of-4 boys yah? truly a wondermama! ;) must share some tips!

>> umminor! let's join the mom-of-3 club! u pun boys jgk! but i can see anak2 u dah besa, while i baru je nk blaja jadi mom-of-3 ni. kasi tips okeh! ;)

temp. housewife said...

happy mother's day to u too Syigim. I celebrated MOther's day with the other mom bloggers yesterday at 1SK-MBP Family Day.

Syigim said...

sigh...lucky you, kak nur! i missed yet another eventful mom's gathering...

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