Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day, Mak!


khaleef i wear the baju first. this baju is from makcu, right mak? the baju vewy vewy nice but it is too big for me! it is color is bwack! then kahfi wear the baju but he is so noisy must ask him to sit down pwoperly then only can take picture! kazim? kazim is good boy. he just bobom on the shimut (selimut) and i take picture.


okeh, which one you like? mak! which one you like? this, or this, or this?

* * *

selamat hari ibu, mak!

from your sons,
khaleef khairul,
kahfi khairul
and kazim khairul.

oh, and also bapak.

* * *

happy mother's day to us ~ queens of the world!


arin said...

selamat hari mak, syigim..
- dari bakal besan mu ..-

Anonymous said...

Kak G taught my only son dat we would only celebrate birthdays & Hari Raya. Now when his friends reminded him of whatever day such as Mother's Day, he responded, 'dats everyday!' Hehe.

lina said...

I take this opportunity to wish each and every mom and mom-to-be a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. To me, each and everyday is a mother's day but today, it is extra special. May we be blessed with good health and happiness always....

Syigim said...

>> thanks kak arin dearie!!! selamat hari mama jugak! ;)

>> kak G, so sweeeeet your son! his mom taught him well! ;)

>> lina, what a sweet wish for a sweet day! thanks! :)

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