Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesdays With Khaleef

my first born, khaleef is getting cheekier by the minute! conversations with him is far from boring, and always amusing!

belum masuk skolah lagi. once he starts schooling this september, i bet he'll be picking a million more smart-ass questions and answers!

my cheeky abang long

khaleef on the birds and the bees
there's a time in your life as parents, that you have to tell your kids about where babies come from. i never knew it'd be this soon for me! hihi.

khaleef : mak, who put kazim in your tummy? (surprised to hear his question. long silence). who, mak? mak, or bapak? or bapak? or mak? which one?

me : ha....yes....bapak...bapak... (hoping it ends there).

(khaleef stared at kazim again, and popped another question that sounded more like a concerned worry).

khaleef : but whyyyyyyy? why bapak put kazim in your tummy?

how to answer?! i just hope that 'who' and 'why' don't eventually go to 'how'!

* * *

khaleef on crime solving
we were watching CSI together.

khaleef : mak, what is CSI doing?

me : they catch bad guys.

khaleef : but how? the bad guy is gone! oh, i know! we look at the darah!

me : why?

khaleef : we look at the darah, then we follow follow follow the darah.

they've got CSI vegas, CSI miami and CSI new york. how about crime scene investigation, dubai, eh?

* * *

khaleef on sharing
we bought half a dozen krispy kreme. as usual we bought 3 types - two for me, two for mr. khairul, and another two for khaleef. and it's always the same - chocolate for me, custard-filled one for mr. khairul and colorful sprinkles for khaleef.

when we came home, there were only 4 left. at the mall and in the car, khaleef already ate his share. at home, he tried to get us to give him OUR doughnuts.

khaleef : (opening the doughnut box) this one and this one for mak. and this one and this one for bapak.

me : but you cannot eat, khaleef. yours is finished already.

khaleef : (paused for quite some time, staring at the irresistable doughnuts) ok, how about mak share with me, and bapak share with me?

...and straight away he put my chocolate doughnut in his mouth, without waiting for an answer. hmmph!

* * *

khaleef on imitation as a form of flattery
khaleef was playing with a toy gun. he 'took a shot' and immediately blew on the muzzle, macam dalam citer koboi tu!

me : khaleef, why did you do that? why did you blow here? (i did the action with my finger)

khaleef : because the uncle also do this. (and he did it again)

me : (uncle mane pulak ni) uncle? which uncle?

khaleef : the uncle in the story. in the movie.

la! ingatkan uncle koboi mane la yang ajar dia!

* * *

khaleef on table manners
i always pokpek when khaleef do two things at once; for example play toys while the tv is on but nobody's watching. or toys all over the place or surrounding him but he's reading his books. i will always ask him 'which one do you want to do? if you want to read books, then keep your toys."

one day, i was eating fried meehoon WHILE reading a book at the dining table. khaleef approached, with a little frown.

khaleef : mak, which one? (nada lain macammm je)

me : which one what?

khaleef : which one do you want to do? you want to read book or you want to eat? which one? you must do one only! (alamak! sebijik-bijik macam aku selalu bising kat dia!)

me : (saje nak usik dia lagi) but whyyyyy, khaleef? why cannot read and eat?

khaleef : becauuuuuse....then mak tumpah and the book will be dirty!

me : okay, how about if i put the book far, far away?

khaleef : owh ok. be careful, mak.

i got a taste of my own medicine - and it's bittersweet!

* * *

khaleef on logical thinking
currently, my facebook profile picture is the supermom cartoon. khaleef likes it very much. the funny thing was, i thought of names like supermom, of course, wondermom and even ultramom - but only khaleef can think of the best name for me -

khaleef : wow! mak, you are captainmak!

me : no, i'm supermommy!

khaleef : no, you cannot! you cannot be supermommy!

me : why?

khaleef : because you cannot fly!

i guess he associated 'super' with 'superman' and the ability to fly. and his mak can't!

logik, pe

* * *

khaleef on patriotism
mr. khairul has a lapel pin of the jalur gemilang. he must always wear the malaysia flag lapel pin on the collar of his coat especially when he travels abroad. proud to be malaysian!

when not in use, he will put the pin up on the book shelf. now what did khaleef do when he saw the pin?

khaleef : mak! mak! bapak! look at me!

(when we finally looked at him)

khaleef : tada! (he smiled and gave a very enthusiastic SALUTE towards the malaysia flag lapel pin that's on the cupboard!)

i was very surprised! wonder where did he pick that up!

* * *

we spend the first 12 months of our children's life teaching them to walk and talk. then we spend the rest of their lives telling them to sit down and keep quiet!
~ an american comedian

sigh. these are priceless moments!


lina said...

salam syigim,

Ur kids dh mula bertanya mcm alia masa umur dh boleh bercakap, we all record byk benda..ada yg kelakar ada yg mmg menguji minda utk jawap soalan dia...yg tak boleh lupa...dia tanya Where is Allah? sekarang lg la kena sentiasa berhati2 dengan percakapan. Tak ingat bila my husband and me tengok discovery channel give birth...dua tiga hari lepas tu dia practice.

ICA said...

Oh my goodness, pandainya dia....:) I sooo agree with you...talking to your child...yg otak bergeliga mcm Khaleef ni...surely never boring kan. Macam-macam boleh keluar from their mouth...and some yg tak disangka-sangka. Smart boy.

Asmahani.A @ AA said...

aye! aye! captainmak. syigim, entry ni cute lah. erm... yusuf fahim tak pernah pulak tanya how ada baby dalam perut, tapi dia tau kalau ada preggy lady mesti ada baby nak keluar tak lama lagi.

arin said...

ok captainmak, ur son mmg comel and terar bab FAQ nih.bravo khaleef!

ummumishkah said...

brilliant! hehehe

Nadiah Sidek said...

hahaha...adoi la, jenuh kan bila anak dah pandai bercakap!

ummiluqman@azma said...

wah wah.. dah tukar layout baru nampak sangat lama tak berkunjung ke rumah syigim.. khaleef so cute.. masuk sekolah nanti mesti lagi talkative..

Syigim said...

>> lina...tu la rasa mcm nk video tape je sbb tone & expression masa dia ckp tu pun mahalll tu! hihi.

wow "where is Allah" camne nk jawab ye. maybe tunjuk kat hati dia kan? :)

>> ica, i have to remind myself to be PATIENT n layan dia sembang esp to CORRECT HIM!!! hihihi..

Syigim said...

>> asmahani..at least ur kid tau la ade baby dlm tu! ade my fren's daughter ni cute dia ckp "sampai hati mama makan nana.." bila tgk gamba mama dia pregnant ;)

>> kak arin, nanti balik msia kita lepak kak arin bantai la tanya dia balik mcm2 hahha..

Syigim said...

>> ummumishkah, alhamdulillah hopefully brilliant smpai besa nanti ;)

>> nadiah, tu la masa baby tu dok ajar dia ckp mama papa..skang ni pening dgr dia nonstop bcakap! hihi

Syigim said...

azma, thanks. layout tu adik bongsu yg buatkan :)

tu la masuk skolah sure vocab bertambah, lagi pokpek la dia!

ummikhayra said...

wow... sangat smart arr ini budak... :) Jenuh nak menjawab kalau soklan2 yang tak termampu nak jawap.. :P

aiDieNa said...

Ooohh.. biler baca ur entry bout your smart Khaleef remind me to my own Alyaa.. sama jer.. selalu kasik soklan trick.. mencabar jugak nak menjawab soklan bebudak nie tau! dan sangat kelakar.. hehehe

btw.. how old is ur Khaleef?

Syigim said...

>> ummikhayra, mmg parents kena sharp & smart jgk!

>> aiDieNa, i cuba jawab n tanya dia balik so that ade interaction n buat dia pikir balik hihi. khaleef is 4+ :)

paij188 said...

lawak la syigim! i gelak sorang2 pedih biji mata tau!

i've been tru the 1st question, by fatini. jenuh nak jawab. and for ur info, die dah tanye 'how'. And that question remained unanswered. :)

*LOL* (gelak sambil golek2)

Syigim said...

fairus, jokes aside kan, how do we really explain the 'how'?

hohohohoho.. ;)

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