Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Award for Supermoms

am i missing something, or was there a note saying that may is month of awards? because i've been getting more than usual!

this one is from AA, or asmahani, with the sweetest dedications to all the bloggers she feels worthy of the sunshine award. thanks asmahani for the nice words! i'm humbled!

..and it's my favorite flower! i LOVE african daisies! big, huge african daisies!

and i got this award back, after giving it away just few weeks ago. this one is from lina. thanks lina - keep the lurve coming my way!

* * *

okeh. time for my personal award yet again!

after my 'gorgon blogger award', i was thinking of a more mommy-friendly (and less scary hihi) award so tada ~ supermom award!

smelly poopy diapers? milk emergency? cookies and ice-cream breaks? endless supply of hugs and kisses? supermoms to the rescue!

if you're a mom with a kid or more, trying to juggle between work and home, with husband to care, screaming kiddos to feed and a house to tend to - you're a supermom! yes - YOU! don't be so modest! we have the toughest, most challenging job in the world - and the fun-est!

so i award this 'supermom blog badge' for all these supermoms, so that you may spread it to other supermoms in the blogosphere!
  1. kak arin (besan ku hahaha)
  2. fauziah (makes best roti canai i've ever tasted - update, please!)
  3. kak linda (tak blog, but this mom of twins deserves an award!)
  4. fairus (mom of 2 girls - sorang slim, sorang debok!)
  5. fida (super-baker-mom!)
  6. ica (6-year wait and then out came 2 lovely girls!)
  7. nadiah (nebraska mom)
  8. azma (abu dhabi mom)
  9. dbalkis (sharing her space!)
  10. nadnye (keloncot mom hihi)
  11. izan (mom of FOUR boys ~ respect!)
  12. kak nur (ex-kiwi mom)
  13. catlina (doc cat-mom)
  14. hanz (natural parent)
  15. jiji (spunky mom)
  16. kak ros @ little mama (she blogs, she sews, she takes photos - super momblogger!)
  17. lina (mom of a boy-girl pair)
  18. diana (pasta mom)
  19. asmahani (an engineer mom-of 3!)
  20. ...and to all moms-to-be, future moms and moms-at-heart!

if i were to have 3 superpowers as a supermom, i would like :
  • super speed - sometimes kazim only dozes off for 15 minutes before he wakes up and started crying again! so imagine getting so much done - fixing lunch, sidai kain, vacuum the carpet AND lots more house chores - within that 15 minutes!
  • stop time - you can imagine why! if i can stop time, i could catch some zzzs while i freeze the boys, or when they're going berserk across the hall and into the kitchen - it could be a super-useful power to have!
  • ability to fly - so that i can just fly my boys to and from school! hihi.

* * *

as usual, i don't go around telling these moms that they've got an award here. so when they singgah my blog, they will have a sweet surprise, i hope!


lina said...

Thanks Syigim, what do you wrote in the blog totally correct :)

arin said...

tq besan..

ICA said...

surprise, surprise...hehehe. Btw, i love to have your 3 superpowers too....cause it'll come in handy. Mmg a must for all supermommies...

I salute you, my fellow supermom!

Hidayah Ismawi said...

hehe.. am glad that kak asmahani passed the sunshine award on to you... a totally deserving recipient

Syigim said...

>> lina, accept d award n write about which superpowers u suka ok :)

>> kak arin superspeed betui dah buat entry ;)

Syigim said...

>> ica, i think every existing superpowers is needed to do what we do on a daily basis!!! hihi

>> thanks hidayah! so sweet of you :)

Nadiah Sidek said...

kite pun dpt byk award bln ni. byk lg tak publish tu..uhuk! btw, tq syigim!

Little Mama™ said...

oh..dapat award lagi..thanks dear!

banyak belum publish..he..he

Syigim said...

>> nadiah, cepat2 la publish sblom jadi jeruk hihi :P

>> kumpul2 byk2 then publish skaligus ye, kak ros ;)

Yuslinda said...

syigim,thank u :)...btw sebenarnya kak linda pun ada blog, personal blog tapi tak seactive syigim...sebenarnya malas nak update.. :P

Syigim said...

kak linda!!!!! smpai ati xkasitau all this while...nk link!! kak linda update la! once a week pun jadi lah! :P

Izan Ishak said...

thank u so much syigim...rasa terharu seketika...
**cantik skali your new template!

Syigim said...

izan, u mmg totally deserve the supermom award - mom of FOUR. boys plak tu!

thanks! template ni still blom finalize. my youngest sis tgh free dia tolong tukarkan layout ni ;)

CatlinaFly said...

salam eh syigim, umah baru eh?cung!cung!!thanks ye..kite terima awardnye ni ;)

nadnye said...

wahh.. .. i'm the chosen one..

supermoms, baru tengok kartun wonderwoman..

okay nak kaut nie...thanks

Syigim said...

>> doc cat, go ahead! tapi silap sket award tu. you ni supercatmom hahahaha.. ;)

the new layout ni my sis azi yg buatkan :)

>> nad, jadi wondermom pun bole jgk ;)

FiDa@aMiDa said...

tak perasan ada award..heheh nanti bebila free fida buat ya..thanks terharu ni hehehhe

Syigim said...

>> fida mmg supermom - bake kek smpai pagi2 buta, esok tu still lagi bole masak2 utk anak2 ape diorang mintak :)

Hanifadil @ AA said...

wuhuu..baru persan nama i kat situ.. thanks syigim.. :-)

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