Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cucu Sharifuddin's Club

this is the coolest club to be in - no entrance fee needed, lifetime complimentary meals and snacks at atuk's house in ipoh, endless indoor and outdoor activities which include occasional sleepovers at atuk's place, and a lot of ice-cream time.

kelab cucu-cucu haji sharifuddin!

abah is an extremely strict and firm dad while we were growing up, but to these club-members, he is simply atuk - the coolest dude ever.

this is haji sharifuddin. he's not tun sharifuddin, or tan sri sharifuddin, but has a more noble title. he's a datuk. a grandfather.

abah has 5 daughters - 3 of them married, and another 2 are so NOT single. hihi. they're simply known as syimee, syigim, syima, syida and azi. or yong, yang, ngah, err...syida and azi.

abah has 3 sons-in-law - mamat, khairul and din. coincidentally all of them have typical malay male names, kan? hihi.

abah has 9 grandchildren. NINE - and here they are!

* * *

muhammad haiqal syahid bin mohd hussin
membership number : 0101

the taiko. the abang. the eldest bro. the president of the club. smart and responsible. boleh diharap. politician in the making. the only cucu that mak took care of. so lucky!

* * *

muhammad haqeem syukran bin mohd hussin
membership number : 0102

cheeky and loud, with a big heart and even bigger grin. vice president of the club. looks like a male version of his mama when she was little. sebijik. has an interghesting way of prghonouncing the letter 'r'. listen to believe it.

* * *

khaleef bin khairul
membership number : 0201

nick-named 'the funny boy' by atuk. clown of the club. enjoys singing disney songs loudly. loves bread, pasta and fast cars.

* * *

suffiya syafeeqah binti mohd mahayuddin
membership number : 0301

the first female club-member. when comfortable, can be extremely chatty. otherwise, very suspicious of strangers. also known as cuya. enjoys science stuff just like lab-rats mom and dad.

* * *

nur aisyah husna binti mohd hussin
membership number : 0103

the first girl in her family. has a pokok kelapa hairstyle. will get to know her more when this writer comes home.

* * *

kahfi bin khairul
membership number : 0202

first club-member born overseas, in dubai. crazy about bananas. probably thinks his younger bro is a cat. or a cute hamster. has a weird fixation for noses.

* * *

marissa marha binti mohd mahayuddin
membership number : 0302

has the upin-ipin hairstyle. the last time this writer saw her, she was just 2-day old. waiting to get to know her better soon.

* * *

kazim bin khairul
membership number : 0203

his name means 'peace-maker'. second club-member born overseas, in dubai. enjoys listening to his brother singing 'itsy bitsy spider'.

* * *

muhammad adam harris bin mohd hussin
membership number : 0104

latest addition to the club. one week old. can't wait to get to know him better soon.

* * *

now who wouldn't be proud having these little kiddos as grandchildren? you're the luckiest atuk ever, abah!


Wan Anie said...

sumer cute2 :)

Nadiah Sidek said...

siap ada kelab cucu2 lg..ehe. senang nak kenal anak2 syigim..muka cina! kazim tu tak nmpk sgt, tak tau la kot2 besar skit lg mukanya mcm ikut abg2nya tu :D

p/s: mak kite kata, ms kecik2 dulu muka kite mcm anak cina. kalau nak kata anak cina pun mesti org percaya..hihi. dah besar ni tak ketara sgt :D

Syigim said...

>> thanks wan anie, tgk le mak & aunty diorang yg duk kat dubai ni..tu psl le comel2 belaka hihi

>> nadiah, awak tu still muka cina la! maybe sbb pakai tudung tak obvious sgt, tp ade rupa2 tu! hihi. tgk la si safiyya tu pun muka amoi. ;)

aDyLLa OmaR said...

the next member maybe from..?

or syida-???(i dunnoe her bf's name~)

cute2 je sume~ =)

ummiluqman@azma said...

walaaa.. macam best ja club ni hehe.. kelakar tgk gambar khaleef and roti hehe

Syigim said...

>> dylla, kita nantikan ape komen dr 'bakal2' ye hahaha

>> azma, mmg best! :) kalo 'club meeting' tu sure riuh! xsaba nk balik msia kali ni sbb ade 2 ahli baru hihi.

Nadiah Sidek said...

nmpk jgk ke muka cina? ingat takde dah sbb bila tgk gmbr sendiri takde pun mcm cina :p. safiyyah nasib baik ikut mata papanya yg besar, kalau tak lg ketara mcm amoi..hihi..

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