Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hey You! I Love Your Blog!

hey, it's me the recovering zombie.

i love MAY! (mr. khairul, i hope for your own 'safety' that you remember WHY this is a special month!)

new month. new award!

i found this on the net while googling.

i wanna give this award to these bloggirls because i really do - LOVE THEIR BLOGS!

the pokpeks of kak arin, ohio phd-student aisha, the yumness recipes of fida, budding photographer fairus, new blogger but ultra-fly ica, in neigbouring state azma, soon to leave the kiwis kak nur, bursts of info from hanz, stuck in nebraska nadiah, super-spicy ziah, thoughtful tales from kak g, babbles of jiji and of course the colorful world of mombloggersplanet and kak ros.

there are so many good blogs out there. many that i haven't had the time to really get to know yet. ideally, i'd like to read 'em all but often enough, i click most blogs only when the title of that day's post captures my attention.

however, these (listed above) are basically my must-read blogs - my straight-away-click-once-i-get-online kinda blogs. these girls can write only one sentence, and i'd still click just to see what that one sentence is about.

these bloggers are diverse in content, style of writing and personality - but you girls have one thing in common - I LOVE YOUR BLOG! wah, you're so lucky lah! hihi.

also :
  • they have great personality that you can see thru their writings - which is most important - kalo orang tu membosankan, penulisan dia pun akan membosankan betui? hihi.
  • they all have flair for writing (tak kisah la tulis in english, bm or rojak - yang penting menarik and tak pening baca!)
  • and interesting content

so grab this award because you deserve it! and hey, spread it to YOUR fav blogs!

* * *

today is hari pekerja. in all my working life i've been a lecturer, a magazine editor and a mentor in a kids' development center. now i'm in the most challenging profession of all - motherhood.

selamat hari pekerja, semua!


arin said...

thank you darling for the award * nih pakai baju liplap terima award nih *

Nadiah Sidek said...

tq so much syigim! i love your blog too! ;)

ummiluqman@azma said...

thanks a lot syigim! bestnya dpt award..wah nampak gembira harini.dah cover tidur ya?.i luv your blog too..

ICA said...

my dear, I have my silly grin all the way up to my ears again :) Love your blog too...u should know that by now coz I & read daily hehehe...even masa u dok jadi zombie...:)) Thank you, thank you...thank you...

HaniFadil said...

Hey You!I Love your blog! :-)

ddfirdaus said...

hai too love ur blog, d dubai stories n the of d must visit blog nih :-)

Syigim said...

>> wah diva sungguh kak arin eh? ;)

>> yay nadiah - suka sama suka la kita huhu

Syigim said...

>> azma, tido tu rasanya xkan bole cover smpai bila2 at least getting better :)

>> well you know what they say - 'silly minds think alike' haha!

Syigim said...

>> AA, spread the lurve!! :)

>> dbalkis, thanks so much :) sungguh bermakna kalo ade org appreciate citer2 merepek dubai yg i tulih tu hahaha... thanks again :)

Little Mama™ said...

tengkiu..tengkiu..i love yours too.. muahsz.. ;)

Syigim said...

hey little mama in da house! hihi.. sudi pun amik award from me.. :) ur most welcome!

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