Sunday, February 14, 2010

Until We Meet Again

yesterday, in the wee hours of the morning, mr. khairul bid farewell to his family. their abu dhabi-kl flight was at 3am, so off we went to send them to abu dhabi airport.

it was a bittersweet moment, remembering all the great times they had while in dubai, and at the same time dreading the hours they had left before boarding the flight.

the awesome oman cruise, al-ain zoo, sharjah aquarium, dubai's malls and seeing the wonderful landmarks of dubai like the burj khalifa and burj al-arab - i still can't believe they didn't go to al-tawasol for my favorite mandi rice!

for mr. khairul's mom, we thank her for her many, many, many delicious lauk day after day. my personal thanks for keeping the kitchen spick and span!

for mr. khairul's dad, we thank him for humoring khaleef when he sings the ben10 and lion king songs in that ridiculous 'accent' that he has!

for mr. khairul's siblings - tina, asrar and sofia - thanks a bunch for keeping the boys amused and entertained, temankan mandi pool and football, and many more playtime and laughter. the kiddos have also been very helpful around the house - thanks!

for mr. khairul's maklong, thanks for the wonderful dinner treat by the burj khalifa, with perfect view of the dancing fountain!

for mr. khairul's mom, there will be a second visit to dubai when our third kay comes out! as with kahfi, she will also 'supervise' my pantang this time around and help out whatever she can.

for that trip, hopefully mr. khairul's younger brother, his wife and the boys' cousin wafa will join in.

from left : asrar, mr. khairul holding khaleef, his bapak, maklong, his mak, tina and sofia

selamat jalan, everyone! it has been a loud, festive and meriah one month with you guys around!

and now, excuse me - somebody needs a hug and a tissue box sebab family dia dah balik malaysia...


diyana anwar said...

hihihi. dah blk pun diorg ye. okeh lepas ni ateh dorg pulak nak dtg! (berangan :P)

Syigim said...

teh, datangla masa kak syigim pantang nanti.. ;) kalo ye, meaning 2X teh ade masa pantang. masa kahfi dulu pun teh ade jgk..

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