Monday, February 15, 2010

Foggy Drive Abu Dhabi-Dubai reported on feb 14 :

"according to the national centre of meteorology and seismology (NCMS), fog, accompanied by light winds, will blanket some parts of the country in the early morning (monday) before it started to clear up in the mid-day."

we drove back to dubai from abu dhabi around 2am, after sending his family to the airport for their flight back to malaysia.

it was a sight fit for a horror movie, or a creepy psycho-thriller. it was a scene straight out of stephen king's 'the shining' starring jack nicholson. and in reality, it was downright dangerous as mr. khairul carefully trying to drive straight on, hoping not to hit anything.

it was really teruk. foggy gile. we drove into nothingness, with only the roadlights guiding us - only to notice the hazard lights of a car upfront - with only about 50 meters in between! the visibility was so low, it was scary.

read more reports on these foggy days in dubai and abu dhabi on - here and here.

in the 2nd article i linked, the police also reminded motorists to keep with these cautionary actions:

  • use warning signs and lamps
  • reduce speed
  • keeping safe distance between vehicles
  • stop when required

for those travelling at night or in the wee hours of the morning, drive safely and always be alert!

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