Saturday, February 20, 2010

Golf Goofballs

mr. khairul is a golf-nut. i'm not.

oh well, to be fair, let's just say that mr. khairul is (was) a school jock and i'm a kaki bangku - him having been a school swimmer and indulging in all sorts of sports like rugby, aikido, squash, cycling and cross country! me, on the other hand tried very hard to ditch my school's weekly sports meet! the closest i got to running for long hours was for the UDTA! (ujian daya tenaga asas).

on the matter of golf, i ONLY played a little bit of it after knowing mr. khairul. here's an exerpt of a very old writing in my very ancient friendster-blog, on 'me-playing-golf', or whatever you call it!

to me, the definition 'playing golf' is standing on what looks like the rubber mat under your feet when you drive, positioning yourself to a considerable stance, stuck out your butt while placing a golf club neatly on a fake grass box approximately few microinches from a golf ball. look straight at the ball, flex your arms, then start hitting the damn ball. and watch where it goes.

i play kat driving range je!

i used to hate golf. it is THE most boring game ever! you hit you walk you hit you walk. but playing it (again, refer to MY definition of ‘playing golf’) is something else altogether. try it.

during my first few trys i ended up hitting the ball to just few meters away and it went skewing flat instead of looping up. but lemme tell you, that feeling, that wonderful feeling of total satisfaction is yours when you see the ball finally go up, up and away…

an additional sound when you hit the ball is a bonus.

* * *

warming up before swinging those heavy clubs

when his family was in dubai, mr. khairul really wanted them to have at least one session of one of his favorite sports - golf. he took them to one of dubai's driving ranges to shoot some balls.

asrar, mr. khairul's bapak and youngest sis sofia all tried their hands on the game. some with flair, (mr. khairul's bapak played tennis back in his UM days), and others with disastrous results!

* * *

kuah tu nak ditumpahkan kat nasi jugak!

naturally, mr. khairul wanted his son to share his passion. and it looks like an effortless pursuit, because khaleef showed great interest in golf already.

however, personally i know his favorite is still football! kick kick kick!

khaleef demonstrating his swing

below are the pictures from our days in malaysia, taking a two-year old khaleef to a driving range to expose him to golf from an early age. he looked so tiny and comel sangat!

* * *

really interesting shot taken by mr. khairul's sis tina. a golfer taking a break to have his obligatory solat in the middle of the golf course.

and i'll leave you with that...


ramona said...

wahh.. gigihnyee anak2 akak.. hihi.. :D

dbalkis said...

memang kuah tumpah ke nasi..ada gaya..

paij188 said...

Hey, I never tried golf so it's not for me to judge it until I try it. But the way you wrote it, makes it seems fun! Well, I think I should give it try!

p.s. Xpe, die nak tumpahkan kuah yang elok kat nasik tu. Hehehe..

take care Syigim!

Syigim said...

>> ramona, mmg gigih blaja golf dr bapaknye.. ;)

>> dbalkis, mmg gaya je lebih si khaleef tu hihihihi..

>> it's true, fairus - u never know how fun something is until u try. this is actually for me yg susah nk try benda baru! :P

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