Monday, February 8, 2010

Jazz Festival @ The Walk

soaking in some jazz tonight!

dubai international jazz festival, which is a yearly thing brings together jazz crooners, and musicians from all over the globe! there's paid concerts at the dubai media city, and there's a free-for-all gigs right at the walk.

how can we NOT go? it's right by our doorstep, so to speak!

we had a walk with mr. khairul's siblings; asrar, tina and sofia - jalan-jalan in this awesome cool weather. it's a working night, and still throngs of people flocked 'the walk' to take advantage of the free jazz performance every night for the past week.

asrar, me, sofia, mr. khairul & tina : i LOVE our color combo! very earthy!

there's a huge stage set in the middle of the walk, with wooden picnic benches all over for interested audience.

each night there'd be two performances starting around 8.30pm, and the second performance takes over around 10pm.

when we came, an irish dude was doing his thang up on stage, crooning a couple of catchy jazz numbers, including sinatra's 'i got you under my skin'!

not bad! in fact he sounded lovely! his voice was as merdu and lepak as a jazz singer should be, fantastic vibrato and pronounciation - though it's funny that when he's done, klua irish accent dia - "thank you very moch.."

this 'free' jazz performance will end tomorrow, so for my dubai friends better come over tomorrow night to catch the final show before they draw the curtains.

tomorrow there'd be a beirut duo if i'm not mistaken, followed by a jazz singer or musician from egypt.

enjoy this clip i took of the irish dude, with mr. khairul enjoying his smelly cigar! kalo best, esok last day okay! gi tengok!

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