Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bab Al-Shams : Doorway to the Sun

my in-laws have gone back to malaysia, but there are still too many stories to be shared, and trips to be written about.

one of it was our visit to the exquisite desert getaway - 'bab al-shams' resorts, translated as the 'doorway to the sun'. now, we didn't stay here ok - some reviews stated the place as being 'overpriced' but i guess with its hyped-up sand dunes desert-front view and a very private recluse, it is to be expected in dubai!

to get to bab al-shams resort, we drove for 40 minutes or so, through what seemed like an endless miles of nothing but a long road along the bare desert - that's how exlusive and private it is. the resort is really like an oasis in the middle of the brown desert.

macam orang yang sesat di padang pasir tiba-tiba terjumpa satu mahligai arab!

it was really beautiful inside! the lobby was made to look like the main hall of a villa. in my heart i was like, "macam ni kot dalam rumah arab-arab kaya.." the furnitures, the wall decor, the vase and carpets all have that rustic old arabian feel to it.

* * *

once we walked out of the lobby and into the pool area, it was even more gorgeous! the buildings are light brown clay - a reminiscence of the once in old bastakiya. they're truly fashioned like those old arabian houses, with palm trees and archways that leads to nooks and corners.

there's a really cool life-size chess board near the pool, so mr. khairul and his dad had fun 'trying' to look like they're seriously thinking of a next move!

the lawn beside the pool was decorated with cactus plants of all sorts and sizes! round thorny ones, long straight ones, little oval ones, and the ones with a lot of cabang!

* * *

mr. khairul's mak and bapak having a romantic time at the desert

now, the concept of staying at a room in bab al-shams is that every room will have a view of sand dunes of the surrounding desert. this idea is fit for those looking for a change from beach-view or mountain-view. the next civilization is probably 40 minutes away, and the desert itself will be quiet in the dead of night, unlike the sound of sea waves.

so it's a real getaway in its truest sense!

the place is simply gorgeous, especially if you're into classic arabian setting in your surrounding as well as in your room. also, if you don't mind staring into nothing but sand and palm trees as far as the eye can see.

gorgeous yes, but - it is too expensive for us!

* * *

on the way home, we saw a family of camels! mommy camel with her two babies, munching wild grass across the fence where they were. mr. khairul's mom petik some, and fed the mommy camel.

as if knowing that she's part of the shots we took, she stayed put while we take pictures, and once we walked back to the car, she walked away from the fence too!

terima kasih puan unta!

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