Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dinosaurs Can Blog Too!

khaleef loves dinosaurs. he gets excited everytime watching 'jurassic park'. or any movie that has a dinosaur in it. well, they're ferocious, monster-like, and fascinating - creatures that we cannot possibly see LIVE during our time.

personally to me, their mysterious existance and extinction are what fascinated me the most. so, i chose 'dinosaur' to be the subject of my latest article on mombloggersplanet, where i am one of the contributors.

t-rex : the tyrant king of prehistoric times

i wanted to choose an animal - any animal - whose characteristics and lifestyle i can manipulate to match those needed to blog.

and eureka - before i knew it, i got that idea - 'a dinosaur's guide to blogging'. click on the picture to read more!


Mummy Nana said...

Salam perkenalan...
My son pun suka sgt kat dinosaurs...heheh... boy kan....:-)

Syigim said...

hi mummy nana.. thanks for dropping by! :) yup boys will be boys - dinosaurs, big bikes & tembak-tembak! :P

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