Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby On Board!

somebody in my tummy is doing kungfu. or ballet dancing. yeah you! buat tak tau pulak. hihi. don't get me wrong - it's my third time, and i'm still loving the kicking and wacha-ing inside. though it feels funny, and hurts some of the time, and man, it does one heck of a push on my bladder - but i'm still enjoying it!

you know this is just part of the baby being a part of you!

and speaking of babies, i've got two lovely new pwincesses to update today. though they've been born months ago, i got their latest picture just recently.

* * *

baby aliah, with mommy syu and bro hakeem

the first cutie is aliah insyirah, born 19 december 2009 to proud umi and baba syu and nazrul, and big bro hakeem. syu is my long-time skoolmate and fellow just10 buddy.

i know it's been too overdue, but here's a hefty congratulations to your 'newborn' girl - you have a pair now, syu!

sleep, my darling aliah insyirah!

hmm...since wani's baby is the last just10 juniors, does that mean aliah is the first just10 juniors fasa II? hihi.

read her mummy's experience of having her in her blog - click here!

* * *

with kak arin & her bambam zara, and omera's mak - liyana in july last year when i came back to malaysia

here's the next pwincess - and oh, get ready for one of the most classical names i've heard in a long time - omera sakinah, born 14 january 2010.

her mak, liyana was my malaysia hall melbourne housemate, a bubbly person, always teasing and laughing. oh, and she's a great cook as well!

she is also a very talented tukang jahit, having sewn bags, wallets, purses and many more - under her own brand name. check out her site here!

little omera sakinah

liyana, i know it has been a long wait before the arrival of omera sakinah, and how happy i was even knowing that you were pregnant. cherish her like your best artwork!

* * *

taking this opportunity also to say hey hi hello wassup to few moms-to-be : an already basi mom (haha 4th child, maa!), a mom awaiting her 2nd born, and a first-time mommy!

my eldest sis is also expecting! yong will welcome her 4th child sometime end of this year, so my abah will welcome 2 granchildren, insyaAllah - making the number to be 9! wah, sonok abah nak dapat cucu ke-8 and ke-9!

another just10 buddy anneeza is also expecting - her 2nd one - which is a great big deal since she had strongly and patiently managed to beat all odds and faced few challenges. if all goes well, my 3rd baby and anneeza's will be the 2nd and 3rd just10 junior fasa II! insyaAllah!

newlywed officemate haida is currently enjoying her surirumah status in china, following her husband - just like me. and her latest news is that there's gonna be three of them in china soon! congrats a bunch, and enjoy motherhood!

* * *

sigh. babies babies babies. so, when are YOU planning on coming out?


arin said...

bla scan gegirl/ boy lg?

Syigim said...

kak arin dah! hihi... tunggu the coming-coming postings.. hihi.. kasi saspen sket :P

Nadiah Sidek said...

aii..tak sabar nak suruh baby dlm perut tu keluar ke? kang dah keluar rindu pulak ms dia dlm perut..hihi. ni mesti bakal dpt baby girl ni..mcm excited je citer psl baby girl org lain..hiks!

p/s: kalau betul kite teka baby girl..kena kasi hadiah from dubai tau! haha..

paij188 said...

macam girl je syigim??? berseri pun semacam, happy semacam, klu girl I will be the happiest person (knowing u with your 2 heroes). Then I kena amik berkat your boys for my 3rd planning nanti.

take care!


Syigim said...

>> haha..nadiah, kalo betul u teka nanti i hantar daging unta la ke nebraska.. :P

>> fairus.. girl ke boy ke i mmg always berseri ok!! hih...

~: UmmiNor:~ said...

hehhehe so sweet ka? masa peknen dok kena tendang2, bila dah kluar nnt, mesti rindu plak
k :P

Syigim said...

>> thanks just10 for the complete list. sape karim kamariah?

>> umminor, mmg pun! skang rasa rimas kena tendang.. nnti dah klua rindu kat dia masa dlm perut! ;)

liyana said...

hey, thanx kak syigim for postng my pix and omera's!

Anonymous said...

What does the name "Omera" mean? My grandmother's middle name was "Omera" and now that I'm older, I want to know what it means. (I was searching for that when I found your site.)

Thank you - and your children are very cute.

Syigim said...

anon, thanks for dropping a comment. i don't know what 'omera' means, but i can find out frm d mommy ;)

what i can tell u is that it's really a unique name! :)

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