Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Khaleef's First Camel Ride

you're never really in a country if you don't absorb yourself in its historical past - be it going to its national museum, or visiting its historical landmarks, or old architectural monuments and buildings. this not only help you learn more about the people, culture and lifestyle but it introduces you to who they are - as people, as a community and as a country - past, present and future.

when in dubai, with its ultra-modern concrete-jungle-infrastructure happening left and right, it's even more important to turn your attention back to the past - to a small part of dubai near the creek, where the 'historical bastakiya' is situated.

what exactly is this 'historical bastakiya'? find out more in my recent posting on my visit there with my sisters. click here!

my mom-in-law near an arabic teapot on her right; and sofia with khaleef inside a beduoin tent

naturally, we brought the whole family here, obviously enjoying all the sights!
  • mock beduoin camp made to look like the original
  • authentic arabian carpets and cushions inside the tent
  • complete display of cooking materials and utensils outside the tent
  • especially interesting is the 'arabic teapot' or hoor, barrad, or tetera
  • most fascinating of all - that had gotten my sis-in-law giggling and oowing and ewwing - a real-life camel, just hanging out right outside the tent!

and so khaleef had his first camel ride!

i was sceptical at first. i can imagine how high the camel is going to be when he stands, and who knows what will happen should the camel loose its cool and suddenly runs amok! besides, the camel dude said he's gonna take them 'around' - around where? will we be able to follow? what if the camel takes khaleef ntah mane-mane?

sigh. moms worry too much!

turns out, the camel was very gentle, and moved so slow! also, the camel dude just pulled the camel with them on it, simply around a building right next to the beduoin tent! in minutes, they were already back! what a short, slow ride!

if you're interested for a cheap, short and relatively safe camel ride, head on to dubai bastakiya and for 20dhs you could ride along, or the three of you (mommy, daddy and kid) can ride for just 30dhs! enjoy!

* * *

the siblings, while their mom looks on from a distance : tina, asrar and mr. khairul

i like this place. i genuinely like this place. it's not just because of the historical element of it, but it's just a gorgeous place to walk around and take pictures of!

ladies : me, mom-in-law, tina and maklong; the men : asrar, dad-in-law with khaleef, and mr. khairul

even if you're not a history buff, you have to come here armed with your best camera and high-spirit to pose and smile - because there's so many nooks and corners and narrow lanes with just enough sunshine peeking through to make your shots beautiful.

the eldest anwar's, with the youngest anwar's

you have to be there yourself to appreciate the authentic arabian-souq feel, with it's clay-like walls, arabian lamps hanging high up, thick wooden doors with metal locks, and especially the most unique part of arabian architecture - the wind towers.

to learn more about 'wind towers', click on the link i already added at the beginning of this post!

i'll be coming here again, that's for sure. when the next malaysian guest come to pay a visit, we'll share with them this lil bit of dubai's past, and they will certainly enjoy it too!


UstazCahaya said...

Salam ziarah..

Wah, seronoknya naik onta;-)

Syigim, cuba you buat carian di google guna keyword 'Topik yang sesuai untuk memulakan blog'. Nak tahu, blog saya berada di muka pertama tangga ke-3. Ni baru saya check ni (waktu malaysia 040210-20:12).

Blog pengasas dan - Mohd Suhaimy di tangga 4. Blog Zul ( pakar blog Malaysia, di tangga 5.

Mengapa pula saya beritahu kamu? Sebabnya, itu artikel nasi lemak kamu yang saya translate hari tu.

Terima kasih ya;-)

And, tentang projek tu, Insya Allah, dalam masa terdekat saya akan emailkan detail ya.

PS: Ni tak publish kan komen ni pun takpe;D

Syigim said...

dah cuba google.. betul lah. good for u, ustaz. glad my translated article could help fellow bloggers :)

PS: ruang komen saya ni mmg akan auto terpublish je..xde tapis2 pasl xde komen yg berunsur perlu ditapis pun! hihi...

UstazCahaya said...

Samalah komen di blog saya pun tak ditapis. Terus publish je. Jika ada yang tak kena, saya akan delete kan saja. Word verification tu pun saya saya dah off kan;-)

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