Sunday, January 3, 2010

Roadster Diner : Lebanese American Food!

the wombats have gone back to malaysia more than a week ago, but i am only writing about this makan session now - i kept it till now so that i can still write about their adventures here, even though they're already so far away...

i miss you my lil wombats!

* * *

one of the stuff we did while they were here was hanging out at the walk, dubai marina - just a stone throw away from my place.

after a long walk - tired, cold and hungry - some hot fries, chicken wings and sour cream-cheese dip sounded too good to ignore. so we lepak at 'roadster diner' - a makan place that looked typically american, that you'd be surprise to know that the franchise actually hails from lebanon!

so, for a lebanized american dish - head on to 'roadster diner'!

it's right beside 'bob's easy diner' - another typically american diner at the walk. i love this stretch of the walk as it has 'my' kinda food - fast, fat juicy burgers and thick fries. haha.

'roadster diner' also offers the experience of american dining - with booth seating, a bar with 60's style high seat, and a couple of statues of african american jazz singers complete with the old square mic.

the decor is simpler, compared to 'bob's easy diner' but it does have a touch of classic american diner in its seats, wall coloring and metal plates with catchy phrases on the wall.

what amused us was 'roadster diner' has sort off a catch-phrase - 'together forever' - that they put on their paper table mat, tissue paper as well as their toothpick case!

i don't get the association with american-style diner - i mean, it's obviously a family restaurant more than a love-birds' haunt. but the phrase itself is too cute!

looking at the menu, you'd feel like you're at one of those chillis or TGIF-type restaurants. all the usual dishes are there - buffalo wings, a list of burgers, a couple of steaks and the whole works. they've got to have one really good burger to have a competition with neighbour 'bob's easy diner' which also has the same family of dishes!

we're hungry, but not a-burger-each hungry. so we just ordered the 3 in 1 platter thingy which include buffalo wings, onion rings, cheese sticks, three types of dip and some fries.

hot from the pan, served fresh and in reasonable portion - it was a satisfying meal. it's not great, but it's really good to tear hot chicken flesh during cool weather, dip steamy fries in 3 different dip, while pulling stringy cheese as you ate them (refer to khaleef's picture above).

mr. khairul joined us after work, and finished the onion rings (that nobody liked haha) and one buffalo wings that we left for him.

* * *

it was a simple meal, that probably taste just as good as any tripple platter from any other restaurant that offers american dishes - but sigh - how i miss the company. just us sisters munchin and gossiping over dips and fries.

sob sob.

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