Monday, January 18, 2010

Got My Photobook!

remember the 'cutest baby in red' contest by the cool lepak mom site, mombloggersplanet in which kahfi won 2nd place? well, if you didn't know or can't remember, click here to refresh your memory!

it's a monthly contest with different theme each month, offering a real awesome prize from photobook, where we can download a software from its official site, upload the memorable pictures we want to include in the book, design our own book-cover and the layout of the pictures, save, send to photobook - and they will do the rest!

my in-laws are here for cuti-cuti dubai, and my abah and umi asked them to pass me a parcel - quite big, boxy, light but very intriguing. ape dalam ni?

i ravaged through the plastic cover and saw a cardboard box the size of a fat photo album, protected with bubble wrap.

and then i saw the logo. photobook. OMG my photobook is here!

my heart skipped a beat. i was so excited. i knew this was the photobook that kahfi had won for us for looking so cute in red!

i opened the box, and saw the book - not as thick as i expected but i was too engrossed looking at our picture on a sleek, glossy cover, along with our names subtly bolded across the front cover. lawa jugak ye aku design cover! haha! simple yet satisfying!

seronoknye tak terhingga. asyik la dok belek-belek tak jemu-jemu hihi

i counted.

i managed to squeeze over 500 pictures of the four of us - from the boypren-gopren dating period (which was not too long, barely a year - so tak banyak gamba!) engagement and wedding photos, khaleef, khaleef and khaleef; and the book ended with our adventures in dubai especially with the birth of kahfi.

it's like the most beautiful photobook there ever was! forgive me, but there's a certain feeling of flying on air when you see your own personal pictures that build memories and happy family moments printed and binded in a book-form, with glossy cover, thick pages and all!

thanks so much to little mama of mombloggersplanet for organizing such contest! i now hope a bigger prize is coming my way for the 'cutest baby on the planet' contest...

*wink wink*


UstazCahaya said...

Salam Ziarah, Syigim:

Saya baru tahu pasal PhotoBook ni. Selalu jugak tengok iklan dia kat mana2. Tapi baru la ni tau, apa benda nya PB ni.

PS: Sebelum ni tau FB je;-)

CatlinaFly said...

Salam syigim, i just get in contact with kak shireen aida..i found out that she's my senior in MRSM Terendak..katanye syigim ni classmate ye?so kita ni satu sekolah la dulu?hihihi..what a small world!!!

CatlinaFly said...

**syigim i tumpang promote!

Ustaz, sy pon jual photobook tapi lain manufacturer la..skrg got promotion for Elehgant harcover & Pocket Photobook II at

Syigim said...

ustaz, saya pun br tau psl photobook dr mombloggersplanet, bila enter kahfi dlm contest cutest baby tu.

mmg enjoy susun2 gamba n design cover, n tambah2 sonok bila tgk buku tu dah siap! :)

Syigim said...

oo jr yeen, eh? bukan skolah, doc cat - classmate @ uia :) same batch takin same course. i methodist skool ipoh ;)

amboi sempat promote produk, eh? silaa...silaaa.... my space is FOC heheh :P

nk check out jgk! ;)

paij188 said...

bestnyyer!!!!! nak jugakkK!!

P.S. pasni leh la tambah gamba baby 3rd. I want detail this weekend, tak kira, cam seronok plak bile tau news u nih!! :)

CatlinaFly said...

oh..ingatkan satu sekolah..rupenye uni mate kak shireen yea :)..sila2..promosi dah nak abih dah ni :) ade 2 order lagi available

Syigim said...

>> fairus, i think MOST of our dubai frens will only find out that day! haha. best kept secret tau! ;)

>> dah tgk ur version of photobook. cantik sgt! like paij188 says, maybe bila dah klua 3rd one ni! ;)

FiDa@aMiDa said...

wow cantek sgt..version baru ek pb ni baru tau hehehhe...boleh buat koleksi berderet2 nanti kat bookshelf syiqim :)

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