Monday, January 18, 2010


my adorable kahfi is one of the 20 finalists for mombloggersplanet's 'cutest baby of the planet 2009' contest! he was eligible after he won 2nd place for the 'cutest baby in red' contest held last year. mem besar mombloggersplanet, little mama has set up a thrilling 'challenge' for the finalists, which also includes a series of questions that we have to answer thru the website.

thanks to kak arin for teaching me how to do a sticky post! if kahfi wins big, i owe it to you! *hugs*!

this is the FIRST CHALLENGE!

* * *

1. Create a STICKY post in your blog with title CUTEST BABY OF THE PLANET 2009 – FINALIST - done!

2. Add the banner above in your top sidebar with link to this page - check!

3. Put ONE recent photo of your baby on top of the post - okeh!

Kahfi Bin Khairul
23rd December 2008

4. Mention his/her full name and date of birth below the photo - got it!

5. In your blog post, answer the following questions - alrighty!

What is the meaning of your baby’s name?
'Kahfi' literally means 'cave', inspired from the 18th surah (chapter) of the Holy Quran, surah al-Kahf, which is heavily laden with beneficial properties in its recitation.

I'm definitely not an expert to discuss heavily on the Quran and its content but I found out that basically the surah can be divided into about seven sections and contains four main stories which are all interesting and full of essential lessons of life and the divine power of Allah.

One of the stories is about the sleepers in the cave, thus the name of the surah, Al-Kahf. Click here to read my posting on the benefits of the surah. His name is short and simple but with the beautiful meaning behind it hopefully will bring a long-lasting impression on Kahfi, reflecting in his character, morals and manners!

What is ONE of the most memorable moment about your baby since she/he was born until now?
He just turned one last 23rd December, and has successfully mastered the mechanism of his feet! A confident walker, despite tumbling down once or twice!

He still can't say a definite 'Mak' or 'Bapak', and of course can't ask him to go to kedai runcit and buy kicap - so since 'walking' is his greatest achievement thus far, I would say that ONE of the most memorable moments about Kahfi since he was born until now is witnessing his first little step.

Imagine - of all the billions of steps a human being takes for the rest of his/her lives, here's the first ever step from my little human being. It's a really historical moment in his lifetime!

I remember that day - as usual a comforter was laid down on the carpet for Kahfi to golek-golek and move around. I remember being in tears (drama queen haha) when I saw him stood up, without holding on to a sofa or the coffee table, and took 3 small steps, before tumbling down on his little tushie. His smile of content and sense of achievement told me that he too, knew that he had done one very great thing in his life!

That was really one memorable moment about Kahfi since he was born!

6. In your blog post, write a short positive TESTIMONIAL about MomBloggersPlanet - sure thing!

With nearly 800 followers (and growing fast!), MomBloggersPlanet is certainly one of the most popular platforms for voices of moms who are bloggers, a great resource on motherhood, blogging tips and tools, and much more. Not to mention the many contests you can enter with very attractive prizes! (In fact, that's what caught my attention at first!).

I love the simple layout - it's not too girly (eventhough it's for moms!) with too many frills, making it a cool site to browse. The bits and links are organized well, with recent articles and tabs at the top for easy navigation. Very professional, yet personalized for moms!

With its growing popularity, MomBloggersPlanet also offers free listing for online sales blog/website for Malaysian moms and women; from diapers and baby slings to cupcakes and crafts - called the MarketPlace. Also, moms with personal blogs can list out their blog in the BlogDirectory, where you expand your circle of bloggirl friends! Get to know, and be known!

Oh, and let's gossip with style at MBP forum, where you exchange lots more info on motherhood and blogging, as well as get your queries answered by fellow moms! MomBloggersPlanet is also on facebook, so go join 484 others and become a fan!

With all these and many more, why are you NOT part or MomBloggersPlanet yet? Jom join!

7. In your blog post, put a link back to this page - easy pizzy!

For more information on the 'challenge', click here!

8. Please leave your blog entry permalink at the comment section on this page - once i'm done!

* * *

well, now it's up to MomBloggersPlanet to place the crown on who she sees fit! plenty of pixie dust and lucky stars on my second born, kahfi!


diyana anwar said...

congrats kahfi!
bangga ateh hihihi ;D

arin said...

*hugs* to bakal menantu yang seorang tuh..hahahhaha..

good luck syigim & kahfi!

Syigim said...

>> "thanks ateh!" kahfi pun jwb...

>> haha.. lupa plak ek, kak arin...bakal mak mertua yg tolong si kahfi nih.. hahahaha..

FiDa@aMiDa said...

congrate kahfi masuk finalist...nanti aunty fida vote for kahfi :)

Syigim said...

hihi thanks aunty fida... ;)

CatlinaFly said...

good luck kahfi encem!

Jiji said...

gila short testimonial syiqim hahahah@!~ gudluck!!

Syigim said...

>> thanks aunty doc catlina! ;) kahfi mmg sentiasa encem :P

>> bising la aunty jiji nih. tu pun nasib bek syarat dia "short" kalo long, maunye 2-3 page lagik tu hahahahaha..

ummumishkah said...

salam kenal..
Tahniah berjaya completekan challenge ni..

Syigim said...

thanks for dropping a comment here, ummumishkah. sama2 tahniah to u too! muhammad is sooooo handsomelah! ;) dah perasan dia since contest cutest baby ini red lagi! ;)

Little Mama™ said...

okeh, sudah selamat di review.. udah boleh remove the sticky-ness ;)

Syigim said...

okeh little mama! thanks a lot a lot a lot! hopefully i have charmed u into pickin kahfi in top 5!!!

biar stick lama sket lagi hihihi....

Drama Mama said...

ala comel nya kahfi!! good luck ya..

maybe ble join my giveaway nanti, coming soon...hadiah menarik for babies/toddlers. check out my biz blog

Syigim said...

thanks drama mama! okeh will visit ur blog soon :)

check out these postings too!

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