Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kids' Hand-Band @ Dubai Global Village

dubai global village opens its doors once a year, from nov to feb, 4pm onwards when the weather is at its best. it's the best place to be for wannabe-travellers who have not quite yet leave their home - because here in dubai global village, you can be in 'rwanda', 'china' or 'pakistan' - all in one day!

i LOVE the concept because it's not only a place to buy stuff, food and souvenirs from all sorts of countries, but it also exposes locals, expats and tourists to the myriads of culture, items and food unique to each country. it's not just a huge shopping spot, it's some sort of a museum too!

check out our first trip there, here!

being there a few times already, my favorite pavillion is 'egypt' for its colorful jubah, 'africa' for its most interesting display and 'yemen' for its honey and friendly store people!

more pictures on the country pavilions and the items on sale and displays? check out this posting here, for the time we brought my sisters to the dubai global village.

layout of the grounds of dubai global village

dubai global iillage also provides top-notch facilities for all:
  • 2 mosques
  • 20 restaurants - which includes kfc, indian restaurants and many more!
  • 29 restrooms - free for all, but there are a few where you pay dhs4! (tapi sebenanye yang free tu pun okay je. takpayah pegi yg bayar tu!)
  • 6 ATM machines
  • 3 money exchange stalls
  • ambulances, lost & found department, services for the disabled
  • a huge parking area that can accommodate almost 16,500 vehicles! (datang awal kalo nak park dekat dengan entrance!

click the picture above and you can imagine how magnificently huge this place is! now imagine if a child gets lost in the midst of the crowd, big pavilions and extensive grounds?

tak boleh bayangkan!

so my dubai friends, if you go to dubai global village, to get a special hand-band for your kiddos, like the one posed by my khaleef in the picture below!

you can request for the hand-band when you purchase your entry tickets. it doesn't cost a thing, and god willing, you'd be keeping your kid safe in case the unimaginable happens, like your kid getting lost!

how would people know the lost kid is yours? you write your kids' name and your mobile number on the hand-band. it's durable and not easily torn. please do get one for your kid when you come here!

* * *

oh yes, we're here again at dubai global village, bringing mr. khairul's family. we went together with mr. khairul's right hand dude, radha and wife sreeja, kid rahul and baby rajsree.

i never get tired or bored being here because i love the diversity of culture - so many things to see, so many things to buy!

the culture show ongoing in the background

looks like mr. khairul's family enjoyed the culture show very much - especially mr. khairul's youngest sis who loves to boogey to a good song! add in her nephew khaleef - then you really got a crazy duo shaking and bobbing to the beat!

there are two big stages in the middle of the dubai global village grounds - the community stage, and the world culture stage.

while we're there, we managed to catch a few shows - one of them obviously from the african continent - unique, irresistably catchy and entertaining. another one is the energetic 'bounce trampoline stunt show' where a few guys in red jumped and sommersoulted to the disco beat on a trampoline, and onto a white window-like built-up on stage. amusing!

the spunky sofia even boogeyed with a friendly african store person at the rwanda pavillion, complete with their unique handmade noise-maker! ca ca cah!

* * *

kahfi ade macam mongolian baby tak? hihi

during kahfi's first trip here last year, he was so tiny and still on breast milk. kesian kahfi - crying and crying because it was too cold and he wasn't properly covered! i had to take him back to the car, where he immediately slept!

now that we know we need to bungkus him like sushi - we bought him this super-snug, ultra-thick jacket for his second trip here - and yes, it seemed comfy enough that after a bottle of milk and some biscuits, he was out like a lamp! zzz...

* * *

rahul and sofia playing rock, paper, scissors while waiting for the adults to shop!

looked like 8 year old rahul and 9 year old sofia got along well. it's cute seeing them chit-chatting with both of them being so talkative!

...reminds me of myself when i was 8-9...


Yuslinda said...

kak linda gi GV,langsung takleh shopping tau syigim,duit suma abis kat tempat mainan je..memang pandailah drg.after this will go there without the kidslah syigim..

Syigim said...

kak linda, nsib baik khaleef dah train xmintk2 toys. tp ape yg dia mintak? icecream, icecream, icecream!

tiap kali pegi bukan syigim shopping ape pun - yg confirm beli is honey yemen, and then buy 1-2 pashmina and a few souvenirs.. ;) but i really enjoy going to GV.. suka tgk2 brg2 dia..

做愛 said...


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