Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

uae's capital abu dhabi has done it again. another incredible landmark in its endeavour to be on par with city-bro dubai's rapid development of unique-looking buildings.

from far it looks like a super-sonic spaceship had just landed in the middle of abu dhabi desert. red, flat, wavy and extremely broad -it's imposing size and strong color made it stand out amongst the brown sands and blue sky.

what is it?

driving alongside it, you'd be greeted with a signage - 'ferrari world, abu dhabi' - yet you still cannot believe it. ferrari world? here in abu dhabi? and you'd notice the red roof more clearly now, with red and white glass decor for its side walls.

and among the reds on the roof, it's hard not to notice one of the most recognizable car emblem ever - the ferrari horse.

mr. khairul's sis & bro

yes! it IS a building made by the ferrari dudes! and if you're thinking 'showroom' - it's not! it's actually an indoor theme-park, set to be one of the biggest in the world, the size of 7 football fields! still under constructions, it will also have the fastest roller coaster in the world - now, spare me on that one, thank you!

among the 20 extreme rides available includes the 'g-force tower' which is designed to create one of the most intense freefall experiences in the world - whatever that means - but it sound scary enough for me to stay away from!

ferrari world is located in 'yas island', thousands of hectare island, designed to be a center for entertainment and leisure - newly developed by abu dhabi, not too far from the abu dhabi airport. it is also adjacent to the yas marina circuit (much like our sepang F1).

i can only imagine the sight of the building from air - like a giant red amoeba growing out of proportion! i mean, look at the picture above - what a sight - it's like from another world!

the ferrari logo on its roof is the largest one ever made, naturally.

it's scheduled to open sometime this year, probably towards the end - so i guess the next time we come when it's open will be with 3 kiddos - one crazy-running and jumping (while trying to convince us that he's not scared of all the rides), another tagging along for a little running and jumping (trying to convince himself that what his brother fears not, he should not too!), and another one probably snug and cozy in the stroller.

ferrari world.

you have to see it for yourself to soak in the magnanimous sight of the red building. memang lawa sangat-sangat. totally red, totally huge, totally flat, totally beautiful.

when you think of ferrari, you think of speed, class and elegance. a multi-billion dollar brand, it's truly a grand addition to this 'rising playground for the rich' - abu dhabi.


diyana anwar said...

next time teh pegi sana pun mesti dah siap kan? hihii ;D

sumpah garang! abu dhabi dah mengganas!

Syigim said...

yup teh, kalo teh smpai frm cairo by nxt yr, u can accompany khaleef naik all the scary rides :)

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