Saturday, January 9, 2010

What the Wombats Left Me With

baru baik demam!

...and now back on my feet, people!

the wombats have long left dubai - syida starting work last wednesday, while azi is breaking sweat, blood and tears for her final year project. good luck, baby sisters!

picture taken on the final day of their dubai-visit @ a mandi restaurant near dubai-sharjah border

i miss them terribly.

fortunately, they left some yummies and goodies for me from malaysia, and some bought right here in dubai - for their cool cute sis - your truly! hihi.

* * *

first up - the yummiest yummies that the girls bought me - keropok ikan (fish crackers)! if i had my way, i can never eat nasi without this crispy crunchy snacks! but i know i only have 2 big packets (isk isk) so i can't keep eating 'em all the time.

must ration lah!

and yes, by far this is the best brand of keropok ikan i've ever tasted. keropok ikan terengganu cap dua ikan parang - wah iklan free nih! i know there are probably better tasting keropok you can buy in grams in kelantan or terengganu itself - but this is the brand you can even get from tesco.

the criteria are simple :
  1. most important of all - the keropok must be very thin (the flimsier the better!)
  2. light in color (preferably)
  3. swells up really fast once placed in hot oil
  4. crispy and crunchy once fried

man, gotta fry some for dinner tonight!

* * *

next up - azi gave me this ariani-style tudung - my first ever, ever! yup, it's been around malaysian gals for quite some time now, but i never caught the bug. tudung bawal is still my preferance.

however, there's always a first time for everything, and azi asked me to give it a try! she gave me a plain black one because it's the most basic color, goes with everything, and i guess not too overwhelming for a first-time wearer like me hihi.

hmm, memang senang pakai kalau nak cepat! no need ironing, or folding or shaping or pining. haha, i still think it's not really me, macam klaka bila pakai, but i guess it doesn't hurt to own one or two.

this one is not really from ariani though, but it's from munawarah. they've got a shop in tmn tun where azi bought this one. picture of me wearing one? ok, coming soon yah!

* * *

haha. they didn't exactly gave me these old raggedy flip flops - rather, they purposely left it for fear of adding to the weight of their already fat, heavy luggage!

but hey, fine by me - coz i've got myself some extra pairs of flip flops to have a nice walk at the beach or simply take a stroll at the walk, jbr!

thanks, wombats!

* * *

ooh, i love this one - we took the girls to atlantis - a hotel on the palm jumeirah island, and syida bought me this simply awesome tote bag from the atlantis gift shop. click here for their good times there!

it's cool, it's simple, it's cutesy classy - and it's my 'diaper bag' now!

* * *

saving the best for last, the wombats also bought me these DVDs! original tau! two awesome movies from my fav funny dude, afdlin shauki - papadom and cuci. the girls also got mr. khairul and khaleef tons of x-box games - from avatar, to planet51 to this latest football management game!

reviews are coming soon - i'm waiting for setem!

* * *

thanks so much to the wombats for all these goodies. i just hope the keropok last at least for another month...


paij188 said...

i got the ATLANTIS bag in Black, jadi beg I bawak keperluan bersalin hr tu. That tudung is so COOL! I pun rase pelik at first, and then I gave it a shot, now I've been wearing it almost everytime I go out. I got mine from de-zahra fashion, the sponsor in Drama Nur Kasih. Missed them eh? Same as me missed my parents so much, I cried as soon as we left the airport an so on until the end of the week.

Nadiah Sidek said...

pos skit keropok tu! mcm kembar lak tgk gmbr adik2 syigim tu :)

.D d L a L a. said...

when u start wearing munawwarah and compared with other brands, u don't regret spending your money on that. itu saya punya opinion.

cuma nak dapatkan tu is a bit hassle sebab only available at their 3 boutique.

try on u gonna love it.

Silent Scribbler said...

Tudung bawal still the best. He he he he. :-) nak keropok, sket...

Yuslinda said...

thank u syigim.... :)

Syigim said...

fairus, tu la i LOVE the bag. besa n cantik la ade tulis atlantis tu hihi..

still feels funny wearing the tudung.. i cuma pkaai with abaya je for now coz color pun black.. but it's really ez when ur in a hurry :)

now i can't wait to go bck to msia je!!! :P

Syigim said...

hihi nadiah u pun nk kopok, eh? hihi.. kita sini nk goreng pun sikit2 je takut abis! hihi..

yah, they got that a lot! my sisters tu setahun beza.. tu yg nmpak cam kmbar kot! :)

Syigim said...

hi dd lala! nice of u drop a comment :)

owh cant compare yet coz this is my 1st one ever! but yes, munawwarah's tudung is VERY comfy & flowy hihi.. kain dia sedap betul pakai. :)

Syigim said...

>> you got that right, aisha.. ;) kat ohio xde jual kopok ikan parang ke? hihi ;)

>> yeap kak linda, i'm back! :P

wawajoe said...

lama tak tinggal jejak kat sini.
i tired tudung ala-ala Ariani last raya. Hubbby kata macam minah indon..hampeh tul! but very ez nak pakai, sarung jek. Recently i bought few Ariani..(few? dan sgt murah!)...again, Ariani sangat selesa, terletak jek kat kepala...

You nak dvd setem ke? i can get it for you...have you watch Talentime?

Syigim said...

welcome back kak wawa.. a ah senyapppp je sejak balik bali hihi..nways, khairul pun ckp mcm indon! :P but personally i oso think it makes me look older, hmm? nyhow, undeniably eazy pizzy to wear ;)

paij188 said...

Memang macam minah indon u all, tapi klu pilih design yang seumpamanya memang ah. I ni cerewet, i pillih yang design x mcm minah indon pakai tu. Sebab tudung tu comfy especially mcm I ade anak kecik, semua nak cepat and comfy.

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