Monday, January 25, 2010

Charcoal Grilled Chicken @ Chalet, Jumeirah

this was the day i truly realized there's grilled chicken, and then there's charcoal grilled chicken! the difference is, the latter uses normal oven-like appliance where the chicken is grilled - not at its best!

however, charcoal grilled chicken is made using actual burnt charcoal - giving it a more juicy, authentic taste! come over to the 'chalet restaurant' at jumeirah beach road for the best charcoal grilled chicken in dubai!

recommended by a 9-year veteran in dubai, radha, we came here after a tiring walk at the dubai global village.

it looks like a small wooden hut at one corner of the road, with tables and chairs set up front. it's dimly lit, with some help from the roadside lights. there's a reasonably ample parking space right beside so we parked there.

other than the 'famous' charcoal grilled chicken, the chalet also offers a variety of food - from chinese dishes to indian cuisine, and burgers and hotdogs too! so we also orderd grilled fish along with the main grilled chicken.

waiting to taste charcoal grilled chicken by the roadside

we sat outside, taking advantage of the cool weather. the seats are right on the walkway, giving us immediate view of the jumeirah beach road and the traffic passing by.

if you're thinking calm ambiance - nope! occasionally you'd be fed with the blazing sound of a speeding ducati or a maserati passing by! don't get me wrong - it's not noisy all the time - however, you have been warned that there will be occasional zing and zang once in a while!

well, mr. khairul seemed excited pointing out the posh cars to his lil bro asrar...

the arabic bread, and a plate of hummus, diced onion & tomato, and garlic sauce

we started with the appetizer - soft arabic bread and yummy hummus dip. hummus is the one that looks like peanut butter, which is a dip made from mashed chickpeas blended with olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic among others.

the trick is to spread a spoonful of hummus on your arabic bread, place a pinch of the tomato and onion slices, with garlic sauce - fold the arabic bread like you'd fold a carpet, and it's ready to be eaten!

soon, our most anticipated charcoal grilled chicken arrived, along with bowls of garlic fried rice. the garlic fried rice went very well with the grilled chicken, albeit a little oily.

the charcoal grilled chicken, was, as 'promoted' by radha - the best! charcoal-y crispy on the outside, and soft and juicy on the inside. once in your mouth and touching your taste buds, you can feel the marinated juice enveloping your palate!

i could eat a whole chicken!

* * *

i also ordered a glass of honey dew juice. oh, and in dubai, when you order juice, you'd be sure to get real authentic mashed fruit in a little milk, crushed ice and water. it's really rich with the fruit bits and worth the dirham spent!

ah, i can't talk enough about the yummy charcoal grilled chicken!

eat it on its own, with the rice or fold the chicken bits into your arabic bread and dip it into the hummus - it's as good anyway you eat it!

if you like grilled chicken, and dining outdoors amidst occasional twang of superbikes and posh cars; you will like 'the chalet'. we're definitely coming here again for our fix of charcoal grilled chicken!


transformed housewife said...

you make me want to go Dubai now and taste that charcoal chicken! so yummylicious.....

Nadiah Sidek said...

huhu..lamanya tak makan kat luar!

Yuslinda said... selalu port lepas gi kat jumeirah beach park.lepas lepak2 kat park terus datang makan kat sana.mmg ayam dia happeningkan.tapi kak linda suka dia punya pomegranate juice..ya Allah..mmg yum..yum..

Syigim said...

>> kak nur, mmg super yummy mcm tandoori sket2 but lagi nyummmmm!!

>> nadiah, sini alhamdulillah mmg senang nk makan luar... ;) indian food, pakistan food, chinese, lebanese, yemen, iran food...bla bla bla.. hihi

Syigim said...

ye ke kak linda! we always pass by & heard a lot bout d place tp ni 1st time pegi. sedappp!

ok next time bole try pomegranate juice! psl i dont like juice2 diorang yg mix2 tu juice burj la.. juice tornado laa... suka yg one type of fruit je ;) & i LOVEEEE mango juice!

Anonymous said...

that was amazing chicken,SO yummy....I loved it,,,,,every one should realy try it.

Rhonda said...

My friend who lives in Dubai just recommended the Chalet. We look forward to eating here in one week!

Syigim said...

hi rhonda, please do try the grilled chicken. it's the best in dubai! have fun!

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