Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Babyface is Coming to Town!

do you love to sing? who doesn't, eh? man, i love to sing.

absolutely LOVE to sing. while i iron mr. khairul's shirts, in the shower, while sauteeing my sambal, changing kahfi's diaper, or while driving. i love to sing. and i consider myself very soulful when it comes to the songs i like. hihi. perasan soulful tu!

think blackstreet, after 7, boyz to men, shai, tevin campbell, bobby brown, tony toni tone, jodeci, new edition, mary j. blidge, montell jordan and SWV - ah, the list goes on and on - you got the 'new jack swing' (a branch of R&B) sound which i really, really dig.

with shoulder works, and finger snapping, hips slightly swaying and head tipping - you can get lost in the soulful solo, the harmonizing vocals, the passion, the soul - that's what real music and honest singing is all about.

ah, they don't make good music like that anymore... usher, neyo, chris brown - these are great singers but it ain't 'new jack swing'!

malaysian singers that can be on par with these guys are probably the awesome innuendo, anuar zain and lah from VE. they have soul, they have love, and they have passion!

* * *

well, the 'father' of the 'new jack swing' sound is BABYFACE - and he's coming to malaysia for a gig in march! geramnya! i really, really wanna go! i absolutely adore babyface! his voice is not as strong as wanya morris, or as merdu as brian mcknight - but his soft, sweet, soothing voice has its appeal. lebih kurang macam ferhad or the indonesian singer glenn.

click on the picture to find out more about his coming show in malaysia!

if you like any of these songs -

  • 'when you believe' - whitney houston & mariah carey
  • 'last night' - az yet
  • 'til you do me right' - after 7
  • 'another sad love song' - toni braxton
  • 'change the world' - eric clapton
  • 'take a bow' - madonna
  • 'superwoman' - karyn white
  • 'exhale (shoop shoop)' - whitney houston
  • 'i'll make love to you', 'song for mama', 'water runs dry' and the super classic 'end of the road' - boyz II men
  • 'i'm ready', 'can we talk' and 'always in my heart' - tevin campbell

...then you have been listening to songs penned and music by the great babyface! and there are so many, many more great romantic songs by him!

enjoy this clip - one of my many favorites, from the master of love songs himself - 'i care 'bout you' by babyface, featuring k-ci & jojo, and babyface's brothers, kevon and melvin edmonds. enjoy.

* * *

on an entirely different subject, here's my latest posting on the supercool blogger mom's site - mombloggersplanet. if you think you hate writing but still wanna blog - then click on the pictures on tips and suggestions!

* * *

sigh. i've been watching babyface youtube video clip all day. is he coming to dubai?


arin said...

hahha..list lagu tuh semua mmg my fav.kalau kerabat UAE minat babyface, sure babyface mai dubai..:p

wawajoe said...


.Dd LaLa. said...

kena pegi ni...i like babyface so much too!

Syigim said...

>> aiseh kak arin, betul lah!...sheikh muhammad almaktum tu minat yg klasik2 arab je! :P

>> yes kak wawa!!!! mmg demam, pening, nk pengsan2 suma psl babyface!!!

>> .Dd LaLa, glad to know another babyface-nut! which is ur fav song?? too many, eh?

Jiji said...

Babyface hahahahah@!~ mengimbau kenangan ni!!!

Syigim said...

definitely jiji! ;)

Anonymous said...

timbaland is the new prodigy,

~soulfull timbaland fan

diyana anwar said...

chris brown? EUWWWW, tu sume rnb baru2 ni ;D

even im not from your era, but babyface is one of the top!
tp still takboleh lawan boyz II men <3

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