Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello 2010!

it's the new year.

perhaps the most profound thing that happened last year was that we spent it in dubai, as our first full-fledge year in this foreign land.

i'm glad i spent the last days of december with the wombats, my youngest sisters (thanks to abah) eventhough they didn't get to stay till new year's eve. also, we get to open the year with mr. khairul's family, when they come over in less than 2 weeks time.

what a way to close a door, and open another!

thanks to you gorgeous readers of syigimsharif blogspot (especially to my biggest number one fan, abah hihi) for visiting me this whole year, especially to those leaving comments of encouragements, of opinions and of little stories to share. i really appreciate the time you took to click the 'comment' button!

i'm also glad that this has been a space to build new friendship, and i hope the circle grows bigger this 2010.

do keep it coming, and may i continue to have time clicking in my ramblings for your reading pleasure.

* * *
2010. what's in it for me?

i'm keeping my resolutions to myself this time around. i don't wanna jinx it. hihi. (no, this is not another way of saying that i DON'T actually have any resolution this year. no, really.)

(..ok, fine. you got me! i don't have a resolution for 2010. but hey, that's just because i'm having one each day...)

happy new year, everyone. and make it a great one!


Fairus Basir from The Juggling Queen said...

i got a same opinion as you, not that we don't have any resolution for this year, because we have one each day, ya? anyway, happy new year syigim, i do glad 2009 has been a bridge to me to many new friendships, (one of them is you, *wink*) and experiences. May this year be a better year for us and everybody out there! take care.

p.s. i x masuk2 lagi entry for 2010.

Syigim said...

haha.. i yg buh entry on the 2nd jan pun dah rasa trlmbat! yes, when i think of my resolutions, mcm sama each yr - for my sons, for my husband, call abah more often.. haha.. so xyah announce this yr. just DO iT! ;)

thanks for ur friendship, fairus :) & hv a good 2010!

Jiji said...

Happy new syigim@!~

Nadiah Sidek said...

ehe..ada big fan ye? dh brp hari tak sempat blogwalking tp tak terlmbt lg nk wish happy new year, kan? :D

happy new year syigim!

p/s: apa mksd syigim ye? unik nama ni :)

Syigim said...

>> jiji, happy new year!!!

>> thanks nadiah, never too late to wish someone a happy 2010! ;)

about my name, i get that a lot! :P some ppl cnnot even tell whether it's a malay name, and some ade jgk ingat nama lelaki! adoi! :P

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