Friday, January 1, 2010

Dubai's 2010 a Rainy Start

dubai welcomes a wet first day of 2010 as rain poured down heavily sometime after friday prayers. funny that when i thought of writing this as my first posting for 2010, i remembered that the 'unusual weather' was also the subject of my first posting for 2009. read it here.

tak nampak burj al-arab!

anyway, we just got back from our usual weekend mandi rice fix when the rain poured like a normal monsoon day in malaysia - huge fat droplets, fierce hard sounds of rain drops, along with a thundering lightning once or twice.

we noticed a lot of huge puddles bordering on little floods here and there, especially depan rumah-rumah besa gile kepunyaan pak-pak arab tu! negara yang hujan pun 3-4 kali setahun, memang tak bersedia dengan sistem perparitan yang berkesan!

this is the one of the times when malaysians can feel like they're king of the road - we're used to driving during heavy rain, blurry windscreen, with only the tail light in sight - tak macam pak-pak arab ni memang tak biase lansung.

so time ni boleh tunjuk terer. hihi.

on 010109, it was hazy. and today, on 010110, it was rainy. coincidence? hihi.

let's analyze - last year started hazy, and true enough, dubai faced a lot of challenges in 2009, and felt the pang along with the rest of the world during the economic downturn; as most of you might have already know.

however, 2010 looks like it's starting with rain - as we all know, a sign of blessing from above. could this be the year dubai would be blessed with a speedy recovery from the economic turmoil it now faces?

have a great 2010, people!


paij188 said...

kat RAK semalam, ribut. And then it started to rain, sampai kat emirates road on the way balik, have to cut in to sharjah because banjir merata2. nangis la orang abu dhabi nak balik, JEM teruk!!

Syigim said...

yah, heard the news. banjir teruk ye? glad u came home safe!

ummiluqman said...

happy new year..syigim pi Al ahli club this weekend for ambassador cup (volleyball)? hopefully, this weekend cuaca elok..

Syigim said...

ummi luqman, thanks for d wish! happy 2010 to u too!

waa.. main volleyball ke? kitorang mmg jarang pegi games2 n sports ni. hihi..

nways, have fun!

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