Thursday, January 21, 2010

At the Beach With Aunty Sofia

we went to the beach - khaleef, kahfi, mr. khairul's youngest sis sofia and his maklong. it was quite windy but everyone's snugly wrapped in sweaters and cardigans.

we noticed that the marina walk fun-fair is about to start tonight. boxes of stuffed toys to be won were strewn all over, and some people were seen hanging them up in their stalls. the rides were also just being assembled - ready for the crowd to come play tonight.

* * *

there were scarcely any crowd at the beach - just a couple taking pictures, some joggers and a family who just came to look around. the wind was cool and cozy, even the sand feels cold. the sun was about to set - so the view was gorgeous.

it was a perfect day.

mak long & kahfi on the mat, overlooking khaleef & sofia by the seashore

i set one of our largest towels, a red one on the sand as a picnic mat. mr. khairul's maklong sat there with kahfi munching biscuits, while i took shots of the crazy kiddos who acted as if they discovered the beach-shore for the first time!

what you can do at the beach (or rather, what they did at the beach!) :

  • main pasir
  • dip feet in sea-water
  • look for sea-shells
  • write on the sand

mr. khairul's youngest sis, 10 yr old sofia

kahfi has been to the beach numerous times of course, but i think this is the first time i actually let him sit down on his own to play with the beach sand. least for just a few minutes! risau pasir masuk mata! so he spent the rest of the day taking a light stroll with his opah long, while big bro khaleef and their aunty ya still wetting it out at with the waves!

later on, their uncle asrar joined in - walking alone all the way from my condo. asrar has a bandage around his feet, so he can't join the kids near the shore so he just lepak with kahfi.

the sun has set, but the kiddos ain't done yet! 'the little mermaid' and khaleef soaked and splashed one last round before calling it a day.

cold, tired but had fun. the kiddos definitely wanna come back!


diyana anwar said...

mak long rocks! ;)

Nadiah Sidek said...

sini takde beach la! huhu..

Anonymous said...

cantiknye warna laut dia..

Syigim said...

>> teh, mak long mmg rajin brjalan kat sini..

>> nadiah, tu la i should be grateful la, umah walkin distance je ngan beach! :)

>> mama miya.. laut dubai mmg fantastic. imagine with the major constructions kat tepi2 laut pun laut x kotor. mmg amazing! :)

paij188 said...

I Love Dubai!!!! Ye x Syigim? But still missed malaysia!

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