Friday, January 22, 2010

Kahfi's 1st Belated Birthday Bash

my, my. this is gonna be a pictorial report. lots and lots of pictures, so pardon the short descriptions! oh well, how often do you get to celebrate your FIRST birthday, eh?

birthday boy kahfi with new thomas & friends bday sweater!

it's kahfi's super-belated birthday bash at our home, with more than 70 party people! yah, he actually turned one in december last year but we're only having the party now since mr. khairul's family is here.

the more the merrier!

aunty tina, aunty ya, uncle asrar and even his bapak helped decorating the hall - oh, just a few balloons here and there, and a simple colorful 'happy birthday' signage. asalkan ade rupa nak buat birthday party! hihi.

* * *

and started the ball rolling was bro fudzail's family. kahfi has immediate liking to their teenage son, which is amusing since it's hard for him to get warm up to people. cute.

* * *

then the most awaited guest came - because she brought the birthday cake! i ordered a carrot cream cheese, thomas and friends cake from dubai baker fida. it looked absolutely adorable - with huge picture of kahfi's favorite cartoon character over the cake, bordered by colorful m&ms!

kahfi tak sabar nak touch the cake. he kept on kobek-kobek the box

check out fida's blog for more picture - click here! i highly recommend her cake for our dubai friends who would like one for a special occasion. her cake is not only delicious, it's beautifully decorated too! i specifically ask for a simple decor - one that is suitable for a boy - and she truly delivered the goods!

i really love the cake! sayang nak potong, sayang nak makan, sayang nak habiskan!

kahfi missed his afternoon nap, so it's only understandable why he got cranky by 4pm when we cut the cake. he wriggled, whined and meragam gile. only when the kids got around to sing 'happy birthday' song did he stop to enjoy and clapped his hand.

habis je nyanyi, mengamuk balik!

i cut a couple of slices for the already anticipating kiddos by my side, and went inside to tuck kahfi in. zzz...

kahfi : birthday boy yang cranky gile, grumpy and sleepy!

* * *

be our guest, be our guest!

meanwhile, the guests kept coming, and it didn't look like it'll slow down. it was quite a sight inside our humble abode.

the ladies : chit chat borak-borak sembang-sembang gossip-gossip

thankfully we have mr. khairul's mom and maklong who were always on their toes to top-up the lauk or rice, to fill in the finishing tidbits, to prepare some more drinks for the piling guests, and to generally oversee any other needs.

the men : eat, networking, x-box time, followed by a ciggie time-out up at the pool area

in my zest to welcome guests, i forgot to take pictures of the dishes we served! my mom-in-law cooked yummy nasi lemak and fried bihun, mr. khairul's maklong prepared egg sandwiches, and mr. khairul had ordered our favorite dubai dish - the mandi rice (mestilah!)

top picture : adzlin, kak ziela, me & fairus, lower picture : fairus, me & fida baker, big picture : kak jah (my tukang urut pantang), sheila, kak zaida, me & kak zah

i really have to thank dear fairus for her delicious craved pulut kuning, which we served with sreeja's curry chicken. thank you both! i'd also like to thank a koleq wifey for bringing her perfectly well-made kuih seri muka (excited gile bila nampak!), and kak linda for kopok ikan and her popiah that i tak sempat rasa!

thanks sebab tambahkan menu!

...before we say goodbye!

rumah sesak, but we hope everyone kenyang and had fun! pardon us if we missed to entertain some guests with chit chats as we busied ourselves trying to say hi to everyone!

* * *

special thanks : asrar, tina, sofia, mr. khairul's mom & his maklong

special thanks to mr. khairul's entourage - mr. khairul's mom who cooked and supervised the food provision the whole day, his bapak who entertained the men-guests with his long chats, his maklong who helped out whenever possible, his sister sofia for keeping khaleef and kahfi company watching disney cartoon in my room, sister tina for taking pictures and helping out as well, and lil bro asrar for going up and down, up and down to the basement shop getting ice and garbage bags!


* * *

and what was the fate of the cake? i cut it out and left a little piece of 'thomas' - sayang betul nak habiskan! the boys are too tired to 'entertain guests' and just lepak in the room watching disney cartoons.

toys, toys and more toys; khakis, jeans and cute tops; chocolates, coloring books and 'dining' set - thank you all!

later that night, when the guests had all left, it's de-boxing time - opening of the presents! (nampaknya aunty sofia yang paling excited nak open presents!) and oh boy were there a lot of presents!

thanks so much, you guys!

on behalf of birthday boy kahfi, big bro khaleef, and bapak birthday boy mr. khairul, i'd like to extend my deepest appreciation for your presence on kahfi's first birthday bash! it was so much fun hosting a party despite the tiredness and overwhelming surge of guests arriving!

next year kita buat lagi for our 3rd pulak! *wink wink*


Fairus Basir from The Juggling Queen said...

it's my turn after this, jangan x datang tau!

Syigim said...

thanks for comin, fairus.. esp for the pulut kuning yg best tu! of course i'll come nk makan sedap2 ;)

arin said...

next year..kalau yg 3rd tuh , if let say gegirl..lagi meriah gaya nya. anyway, ramai tamu nya and i can imagine cemana busy nye syigim & the family.
p/s: kek thomas tuh mmg cantik.kalau puan baker fida balik mesia bleh la order ek..:)

FiDa@aMiDa said...

thanks syiqim for inviting me..and thanks for your support sudi order kek dgn fida..your're my 1st customer for baking the big cake heheheh with the thomas & friends theme hehehe...happy that u satisfied with the decoration and the taste of the cake..and thanks jadi my promoter introducing my cupcakes & cakes to your friends :) good marketing!

p/s arin yes definetly if I already back for goods to msia soon Insyallah will bake for you :)

Syigim said...

>> haha kalo girl, fida kena ready ngan kek power puff girls ke.. barbie ke.. or disney princess! hihi..

mmg ramai, kak arin! crowd kali ni lagi ramai dr raya ari tu.. tp alhmdulillah sume lancar & makanan cukup! ;)

kak arin, mmg sedap kek carrot fida. dah le comel, sedap plak tu hihi..kalo papehal contact fida kat blog dia hihihi...

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