Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crazy About Colors

here's my most recent posting on mombloggersplanet - my first for 2010! it's all about colors and what color you are as bloggers! click on the picture below to read the whole entry!

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why colors?

i LOVE to color co-ordinate.

i'm really OCD when it comes to colors. obsessive-compulsive. i color co-ordinate my wardrobe. i color co-ordinate mr. khairul's shirts and t's when i hang them in his wardrobe. on the book case, i arrange my books according to colors - well, according to authors first, but color is definitely next. creams, blacks, blues, and greens - it soothes the eye!

heck, i even color co-ordinate when i hang the laundry to dry.

i mean, you're doing a reasonably boring perfunctory task anywayyyy - amik dari bakul, libas-libas, sidai. amik dari bakul, libas-libas, sidai. so might as well make it more interesting by making sure the reds are with the reds and pinks and oranges, while the blacks and blues go together.

it's NOT weird when you think about it - you're still getting the damp clothes hang, right? what's wrong with putting a little 'fun' to it? make it a little game you're playing while you're hanging up clothes - making sure everyone is in their right color group!

ok, why are you looking at me all funny?

azi pointed out to me the level of quirkiness one day - we're all ready to go out, and khaleef was already in his socks and shoes and out waiting at the elevator.

i then discovered something, and strongly insisted that khaleef comes back in, takes his shoes off, changes his socks - just because he was wearing a pair of green socks with red top, when he's supposed to wear the red socks with red top.

i just want things nicely matched, thanks very much!

shades of red!

and some people might like this, some may give lawak bodo basi like 'eii boria' - but i LOVE color co-ordinating my family's attire when we go out. i mean, gi kenduri or hari raya tu biase la. but even to the hypermart, the mall or just a weekend lunch at al-tawasol for our fav mandi rice, i'll definitely make sure everyone is wearing pretty much the same shade.

shades of black - brown - green - cream - white

bukan baju sebijik-bijik serupa - but colors of the same shade, or near each other in the color spectrum. yellow-orange-brown. or blue-purple-black. or black and white. or green-yellow-cream.

i even prefer the colors not to be too similar, and the clothes too - a variety of plaids, stripes or corak-corak - but still falls under the same color shade!

what can i say - i'm crazy about colors!


Nadiah Sidek said...

tak pernah terfikir pun sidai/sangkut baju ikut warna. no wonder la syigim ni kreatif ;). kalau sama warna (tema), is ok la syigim tp kalau smpai corak baju & kainnya sama sebijik2 (betul2 boria!) kite tak berkenan..ehe.

kite nk jgk pakai baju sama warna dgn hsbnd & anak tp takleh la sbb hsbnd tak nk. actually, bkn la tak nk tp sbb hsbnd suka warna biru je, most of his t's mmg biru, ajak beli warna lain dia takmo..pastu cmne la nk sama2 warna? :p

Syigim said...

yup nadiah, mmg kalo kain pun sebijik2 tu mmg over la tu! hihi..kaler pun xyah exactly the same.. cuma shades lebih kurang :)

ooo biruuuuu je. suma kena pakai biru la tu hihi. luckily my husband relakan je i jadik his fashion advisor haha :P

Hanz Jamaludin said...

OCD in colours? interesting!

I do colour-coordinate too but only on clothes... :>

Yuslinda said...

Ya Allah syigim,comeinya..sampai sidai baju ikut color,mmg ocb betui.suami kak linda selalu cakap kak linda ni ocb tapi nanti kak linda nak suruh dia baca blog syigim lak.. :)InsyaAllah ahad ni dia balik from kl,nanti kalu dpt K.I tu,kak linda buzz syigim ya..

Yuslinda said...

eh syigimkan pandai kak linda nak tanyalah?Obssesive compulsive behaviour ngan obssesive compulsive disorder tu sama ke?nanti bila free explain yek..sbb syigim pandai tulis ngan mengexplain...mengada kan ..kak linda..

ummikhayra said...

heheheh sidai kain pun in color.. :) saya time basuh baju je.. untuk elak warna luntur especially tang baju putih and baju merah. Most baju merah ni senang turun warna.. :D Secara tak langsung, sama kaler gak la sidai.. sebab sekali basuh baju sama je.. :D

Syigim said...

>> hihi hanz... yup i do more than just color co-ordinate the clothes hihihi

>> ummikhayra betul sgt tu!! nyampah betui bila tertinggal baju si kahfi kaler merah ngan yg lain... abis la baju2 baby dia yg putih2 tu jadi pink! penah kasi kat kakak semua baju2 yg dah jadi pink tu psl baby dia girl! :P

Syigim said...

kak linda, hmm menurut firasat saya.. hihihi xdelah! hmm... OCD tu lagi kronik dr OCB kot hihi.. so syigim ni lagi kronik la dr kak linda! hahahah..

THANKS kak linda.. nyum nyum krup krup ok kalo ade pass ok kalo takde takpe :)

mama micha & cuya said...

mcm din...semua baju dlm almari dia kena susun ikut colour....klau usik je dia MESTI akan tukar sangka ada jugak org yg sama cmtu....

Syigim said...

ye ke din mcm tu, syima!!! waahh! hebat2. sgt kagum. teruskan usaha menyusun ikut kaler hoho.

Fairus Basir from The Juggling Queen said...

I like colour coordinate, sebab tu part of the grooming subject masa kat Poly. Memang make sure everything goes perfectly bile dressed up.

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