Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm 1 of Mombloggersplanet Contributors!

with nearly 600 followers, mombloggersplanet is certainly one of the most popular platforms for voices of moms who are bloggers, a great resource on motherhood, blogging tips and tools, as well as expanding the circle of bloggirl friends. not to mention the many contests you can enter with very attractive prizes!

i've entered kahfi for two of the contests, as khaleef is not elligible anymore (dah tua dah si khaleef tu! haha) and planning to enter him in the final round of cutest baby contest, december!

though created mainly for malaysian moms, this blog also welcomes visitors from other countries 'who understands the malay language and english!

recently mombloggersplanet 'opened' its doors to fellow bloggers who wish to contribute articles to be featured in mombloggersplanet. these bloggers, who will be called the 'MBP contributor' may write about blogging, working at home and making money thru blogging. bloggers may apply and only 10 will be chosen. more on that here.

my dear friend kak arin was the first to note the application and suggested i join in. i applied and voila - this morning i got the e-mail notification - i'm one of the 10 picked to be an MBP contributor!

much thanks to mombloggersplanet founder, ms ros or fondly known as her nick 'little mama' on the blog. also good luck to the other nine bloggers chosen as MBP contributor, including one papa blogger!

all of us are given this cute pict to be placed on our blogs. cool!

i'm pretty psyched up as i can't wait to write and write and write for mombloggersplanet. i know i don't work from home, nor do i make money from blogging, and i've only been blogging for like a year - so what shall i write about?

heck, the point is - i get to write!

like i said in my application, "mombloggersplanet is huge, with large fanbase, and surely is a great platform for me to share my passion for words..."

alright, i gotta go sharpen my pencils and roll out my writing pads! (err, or rather - switch on my notebook and type the words out!)


UstazCahaya said...

Congratulations, Madam Syiqim. I am one of the selected:-)

Syigim said...

thanks, ustazcahaya. ooOOoo, ni la satu2nya papa blogger yg jadi MBP contributor :) congrats to you too! :)

Fairus Basir from The Juggling Queen said...

i still tunggu diorg approve i punye application nk join. dah 3 weeks dah.

Syigim said...

ye ke fairus... apsal lama sgt.. u try apply balik la kot..

Mama Safiyyah said...

congratulations syigim......i know you'll be GREAT at it....looking forward to your articles.....

Syigim said...

thanks yeen, so sweet of u to say that! :) aku pun xtau nk stat tulih ape ni! :P

superheroes' mom said...

stumbled upon your blog while browsing thru 1SuperKids. all the best and keep those posts coming ;)

Syigim said...

welcome to my blog, mom of FOUR superheroes!! man, ur days must be packed! do come visit often :)

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