Friday, September 4, 2009

Iftar With the MCKK Boys

i guess for mr. khairul, ramadhan with buddies is not complete without an iftar with his mckk fraternity. what more since an accidental meeting with a malay college old boy (mcob) while shopping for groceries at waitrose, dubai marina mall. and finding out that all this while he lives in dubai marina too!

so hassanal, class of 90 joined in as one of the mcobs living in the uae. the first 'big' gathering of the koleq boys in the uae was for the unofficial old boys weekend. read about it here!

the iftar took place in our favorite haunt - al-tawasol (well, what do you get if the master planner is a hantu mandy himself?) to munch plates upon plates of mandy rice with chicken, lamb and fish.

the gathering was a small one, with 6 of them including mr. khairul but the speret koleq was obvious in the air. in fact azizi, the youngest of the bunch came all the way from abu dhabi on a 2-hour bus journey at the brink of berbuka, just so he could spend the iftar with his 'brothers'. semangat mau ada!

also present were the 80s boys - bro zaim from batch 82, and faisal from batch 84. both in red. still exchanging stories about their batchmates. still.

the iftar also include mr. khairul's swim team-mate, kamil (in blue) who came late but nevertheless in high spirit and not short of jokes and amusement for the party.

and of course, who's better to gell the group further than the ever-supporting wives? i met a chatty hazleen (hassanal's wife) for the 2nd time after the short 'bumped-into' at waitrose. it's her first time trying out mandy rice (much to my dismay and surprise!) and i was ever-excited to tell her that i'm already a 'veteran'! hihi.

and kak muna (bro faisal's wife) surprised me with her 'secret-recipe' homemade tomyam paste, complete with wrapped up serai, daun limau purut and the works to make the tomyam or a yummy paprik dish. she even gave a run down on how to make a yummy tomyam.

it so sweet of her and i really appreciate her help in providing me ideas and lauk for at least 3 berbuka sessions!

after the huge meal, borak-borak continued over turkish tea. then the mckk boys took their mandatory group photos, to immortalize the iftar.

it was a memorable occasion, to be able to keep the speret koleq alive no matter where they are. especially being far from family and friends back in malaysia, having a fraternity to fall back onto is something precious and should be cherished and uphold.

till the raya meet!

* * *

speaking of old boys, my abah is from batch 65, and obviously bright-eyed when told about mckk meets over at dubai. he expressed his wish to join an old boy makan session when he comes over soon. then the dubai boys would really have an otai joining them!

abah - second row from the back - thick glasses - spot him? ;)

so, apa lagi abah? cepat-cepat la datang dubai join budak-budak koleq kat sini!


Anonymous said...


thick glasses..punyalah berlonggok pakai specs. which one exactly?

Abah belongs to MCOBA Perak clan. Tan Sri President as well...


Syigim said...

hish.. jap nk kira.

2nd row from the back.
9 from the right.

betul tak abah? ;)

~anak budak koleq

Anonymous said...

Nice one. Eh, bila MGS-ian nak buat reunion kat dubai plak nie??? mana jadik niee ... hehehe .. i self-appoint myself as the ambassador from our frens back in m'sia can? *hint*hint*


dwimaya said...

super classic nye gambar class of 65 tu!

check out these postings too!

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