Friday, September 11, 2009

Yummy Mee @ Lan Zhou, China

yes, you didn't need to adjust your specs, or rub your eyes! we did eat noodle at a chinese restaurant, at the international city, china -

- in dubai. yeap. there's an international city with medium-cost apartment buildings named after major countries like china, france, greece, england and russia - to name a few. the 'cluster buildings' in the 'country's area' would emulate that country's identity - for example, a victorian style building with mideavel period ambiance in the 'england cluster'. in the 'frech cluster', the apartments has long french windows with grey and red bricks. amazing!

(dah siap ke?)

this 'china cluster' area is close to 'dragon mart', the 'it' place to get bargain garments, curtains, textiles and house decor and home furnishing, toys, tools and much more.

dragon mart is the largest trading hub for products from china, situated less than a kilometer away from the china cluster, dubai city. it has a dragon-shaped structure and houses over 4000 shops, showrooms and warehouses selling all sorts of products.

~ googled info

this noodle place was recommended by a prominent dubai blogger who had been living in dubai for 10 years or so, so no doubt it must be worth a try. lan zhou noodle restaurant, famous for its noodle, made in-house.

it's quite difficult to find the place as it's terceruk amids the countless 'china' apartment buildings. however, when you're already circling inside the perimeter of the apartments, you'll realized that there are more closed shops than open ones, so it's easy to spot a signboard that lights up in the dark.

look for the stripey red, yellow, green signboard and you've arrived at the noodle place.

the setting inside is simple, bare and well-lit, therefore it's easy to see that the place is clean. this place has a really food-court feel to it because of the tables and chairs, and with chinese customers waiting for their food here and there, i felt right in malaysia.

mr. khairul ordered at the counter as all customers, and paid right away while i took a seat with the boys.

there's a transparent counter at the side of the restaurant, where the cooking takes place. here customers are able to watch a cook make and shape their home-made noodle.

like some chinese restaurants (as the chinese muslim restaurant that we love in subang) especially the ones which has its own home-made noodle, would have a sort off 'demo' for customers.

mr. khairul ordered the spicy fried tauhu. and as usual, mr. khairul's eating policy - lagi pedas lagi bagus.

"you make it very, very spicy, ok?"

"you sure?"

"sure! i'm from malaysia. we love spicy food!"

now, i don't eat tauhu (picky eater, you see) but this dish is simply delicious. macamana nak buat orang yang tak suka tauhu, makan tauhu? that's how good it was.

pedas, masin-masin. fuh. i can simply eat this with white rice! the amount of saltiness and spiciness were just the right fusion to bring in the best of this dish. add a little bit of sliced beef and capsicum, it's a complete dish for empty tummies!

the main dish ordered was this 'stir fried noodle', made with the 'home-made' noodle. now this dish gets just 3 our of 5 stars from me - it's good. but it's just not great.

maybe with the tauhu, i already expect it to not be nice - as i don't like tauhu. so when it turned out to be yummy, i was impressed! on the other hand, i had high expectations on this noodle dish, as mr khairul was overly 'promoting' it all the way here. hey, bukan tak sedap, cuma sedap biase je.

imagine adding chilli sauce and oyster sauce - that's how the gravy taste like. i mean, i LOVE that fusion, but i can create the same effect at home. so the only thing that's extra special about this dish was the home-made noodle. thick and fat, with a lovely chewy texture and different width and thickness. nice!

but i'd try the tauhu again, anytime!

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