Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Pile of Tissue

yah, i'm a freak. i collect tissues, paper napkins, serviettes from cafes, restaurants, fast food eateries, or just about any establisments that has the above for the public to take or use.

see my entire collection here!

* * *

i'm happy to report that during my stay in malaysia i have managed to collect 25 serviettes or paper napkins from restaurants, cafes, ice-cream stalls and hotels.

i would like to thank my sis syida and my lawyer put put for contributing the majority of my collection. my youngest sis azi kept the one she took from 'the loaf' - dr. m's bakery! (aku cakap ni macam tun mahathir yang dok uli tepung nak buat roti tu! haha) among others.

put got some from all over europe! and she even got stories to go with it (lawyers, and endless stories? - go figure!) one of it is from 'hotel sacher' (pronounced 'sakher') in vienna where throngs of people line up to get the 'arguably best chocolate cake in the world' - she went, she tried and she judged - her verdict - secret recipe has better choc cake! wadaya know!

she also got me a paper napkin from 'the bridge hotel', durham (where she did her masters) which has a drawing of the hotel which looks like those quaint little cottage-like inn. lovely! and she said, once a week (or was it once a month?) a movie quiz is held in the hotel, and people come by from all over just to join the quiz or watch the fun. coolness!

and thanks to my gal pal mohana for the 'woraburi phuket' tissue. any one from overseas is always a precious gem.

mr. khairul also chipped in a few - one of the most rare ones that he took is the one from the royal lake club kuala lumpur where he had lunch with some otais from his koleq alumni - "founded 1890"! - that's more than a 100 years old!

good job to all!

* * *

and the best of all is - i hit my 500 mark! i now have, in my possession, over 500 individually unique serviettes, from all over the world (ok, i don't have any from zimbabwe or turkmenistan, or any other countries from that region) but it's still from a lot of countries from all over.


(a message to msians in dubai : kalo gi jalan-jalan cari makan tu rajin-rajin la amik tisu pehtu pass la kat member sorang ni hihi.)


Mama Safiyyah said...

mana gambo tissuenye kak?

Anonymous said...

:D ... am glad u liked it. and yes, so many memories kay with those tissues, am thinkin, if i keep those tissues, like i know where it'll be 10 years from now, better give it to gim's tissue-muzium kan? muahhssxxxxx

500 wohoooo!!!!!!


Silent Scribbler said...

Now I know what to look for in the US for you. ;-)

Syigim said...

>> yeen, haha masa ni xsaba n buat posting ni xsempat amik gamba dah simpan dlm box! :))

>> put, thanks sooooo much! not just for the tissues but for the thought. miss u put!!! :))

>> yes, yes a thousand times yes, aisha!!!! at least aku ade wakil kat states! hihi kalo ko bole amik je selagi ade hihi insyaAllah jumpa one day ko pass kat aku hihi :))

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