Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bazaar Ramadhan @ Karama Dubai?

a drive along karama one day, we realized dubai has its 'bazaar ramadhan' as well. it's just that it's not quite a 'bazaar'. it's actually a couple of stalls here and there, put up by some indian restaurants right up front, on the outside.

karama is one of the older parts of dubai, a bustling area where you can find fake goods and delicious, cheap indian food. also can be seen are tons of low-rise residential apartments.

as much as i love staying in dubai marina, our previous home was much, much closer to karama. so i miss having been able to drive 5 minutes to the nearest indian restaurant to get a roti paratha or shawarma.

sigh. you don't get that at dubai marina.

most of these stalls in karama sell pretty much the same things - mutton, chicken, vegetable or potato samosa and the sweets you'd find in indian restaurants. some also sells vaday and other indian delicacies.

you can see indian muslims and pakistani workers throng the stalls for some yummies to bring home, as addition to their berbuka meals.

we bought some samosas at this particular stall and they are delicious. crispy cruncy, fat with spicy filling. with each bite, it still feels like freshly fried. not too freshly hot from the wok, but not lembik either.

the best thing was we just ordered from the car. drive through, eh?

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