Monday, September 7, 2009

Toy Box, Biscuits & Trial SPM

the boys' cousin sufya has a corner in her house for a little table with two chairs - one for her and one for a kid-size barney. underneath the table are tons of plastic bags where she keeps her toys neatly and in organized manner. toys in plastic bags, plastic bags in boxes. boxes under the table.

every kid should have a fav. corner to be their own little world.

khaleef and kahfi have a toybox. and that is one of their fav wonderlands. khaleef would ask, "mak, toy please?" before jumping gleefully into the toybox, followed by his loyal soldier kahfi who would just dangle from the outside, peeping in while trying to reach some toys.

both of them can play here for hours no end, with khaleef occasionally 'throwing' a toy or two out that kahfi would gladly pick up and bite, before i could say 'no no no'!

the lid of the toybox worries me all the time - either it'll fall splat on kahfi's unsuspecting fingers, or kahfi would fall off when khaleef opens it from inside (as khaleef also love to 'pretend' to hide in the toybox while asking loudly, "mak, where's khaleef!")

but oh, no - he's a considerate brother who would always, always make sure that kahfi's finger is off the edge when he wants to close the box, and would open the lid very very slowly and carefully, making sure kahfi has time to let go of his hand and sit down on his own before opening the box to get out.

way to go, abang!

they would play quietly with giggles in between. i love to just watch them from the corner of my eyes, in awe of a brotherhood and friendship in display. my boys, ladies and gentlemen!

* * *

this is the brothers' favorite biscuit.
khaleef likes it with jam.
kahfi likes it just on its own.

i'm just puting this picture up because kahfi is oh, so cute wearing a jubah arab.

there, i've said it. *smile*

* * *

trial spm is back, and mr. khairul's youngest bro asrar is burning the midnight oil. heard that his sister teh is also having a final exam in her college - good luck to both! smart kids, and i'm sure they'll ace it!

asrar & teh

i remember my spm trial. ok, i lied. i barely even remember the actual spm. what i do remember, and will always remember was i had been sick, very sick before the very first paper. and i was whoozy the whole time.

oh, well. i survived! and so will they!


diyana anwar said...

thankssss kak syigim :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, nak tahu, mane eh awak beli
toy box tu?saye dah cari mcm2 tempat dah tapi tak jumpa

Syigim said...

egustavo, tu my mom in law yg kasi. xtau le plak mane dia beli

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