Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Color Pencil, Crayon & Magic Pen

other than reading, writing and singing, my hobby also include drawing. i love to draw. absolutely love doodling. drawing. sketching. potraits.

gimme a piece of paper, pen or pencil, crayon or magic color. color pencil or such. i'd be doodling away. since having kids i seemed to be drawing animals more...the one thing that i can't seem to get a grip on is water color. i suck at it. i wish i wasn't sucky but that's the fact!

this is a potrait of my favorite hero - special agent for the fbi, agent mulder. just trying my hand on potrait drawing. tried drawing mr. khairul but it turned out anime-like.

khaleef hasn't mastered the art of drawing yet, since his 'ball' still looks like a distorted playdough. and his 'fish' simply look like a distorted playdough with eyes. also, his 'snake' is just a haphazard line across the drawing block.

well, he tries!

but boy, does he love to color!

i'm nuts about color too. and i'm a bit OCD about color coordination. not extreme, but i think i'm obs comps enough!

i have had this set of 36 luna coloring pencils since (brace yourselves) the year 2000. yes, you read it right! sayang nak guna banyak-banyak! imagine 9 years later, like a sifu bestowing a precious honorary weapon to her most trusted young padwan - i finally gave it to khaleef.

khaleef jaga elok-elok! tu harta pusaka tu!

sigh. you know what. khaleef is so daymn lucky. his mom kept the 36 luna color pencils, and a bucket of crayons and magic color too! and now he can use it as he pleases! (with strict supervision, of course!)

yes, i also had the crayon 'bucket' for quiet a while, (yes, years!) for my doodling pleasure. it's just something cute and colorful that i had to have. helped in my creative process, you see.

i bought the 100 'coloring pens' (or orang kita kata 'majik kaler') in dubai. so they are new. welcome to wonderful freaky world of syigim's coloring set!

may your life be filled with colors too!


Arin said...

hanum loves to pisik ( read: menulis, mencolour )..asyik tgk kids mengcolour..tak kisah la apa jenis bentuk diorang lukis..

diyana anwar said...

kak syigim snri ke yg lukis portrait tu???????

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