Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aqiqah 6 Babies & Open Hse @ Gold Souk

raya continues in dubai with the big aqiqah of 6 dubai babies, including consul general's youngest son, baby ahmad! kahfi could've joined in if we hadn't done the aqiqah earlier this year.

initially it started with the planned aqiqah of aida and afza's baby adly, and kak zaida and bro imran's baby ihsan at bro fudzail's home. i guess with the syawal spirit and makan-makan mode, few more parents of new babies decided to joined in.

ape lagi, makan besar la kita! kenduri kambing on hari raya!

kumpulan nasyid rabbani & mommies with their babies :)

the aqiqah took place at our consul general's house in barsha with the special appearance of malaysian nasyid group rabbani whose missing its lead singer, the late ustaz asri who passed away not too long ago. to me, raihan has always been my top nasyid sound, but no doubt ustaz asri has a uniquely powerful voice that's second to none. he was really missed, especially when rabbani took center 'stage' to sing after the makan-makan.

consul general tuan syed hasrin grooving with rabbani

on a lighter note, some brave souls actually joined rabbani to sing some raya song - including consul general tuan syed hasrin! cayalah sir! even kak pah had a duet with her cik abang for one raya song. gile sporting!

our dear ambassador dato' yahya was also there to celebrate the 6 dubai-born malaysian babies!

some pictures are taken from bro affandy and fida's facebook. hope you don't mind ye, fida, incik affandy. i balik awal tak sempat snap banyak gamba! check out fida's blog page for more pictures on that night! click here.

i think 7 slaughtered lamb, no less - grilled, cooked with briyani and much more - a feast fit for kings and queens!

i LOVE lamb chops but not so crazy about lamb cooked this way. i had one helping but i think mr. khairul was the one who went crazy over the juicy, soft, easily shreded lamb.

thanks to the 6 new dubai babies, malaysians in dubai get to have kenduri kambing this raya!

* * *

the day before ours, kak ziela and bro haza had their open house at gold souk. we came later as we did the shopping for ingredients and stuff to cook for our open house the next day.

although kak ziela's celebrated kek batik was nowhere in sight (found out later dah abis isk isk) but we still get to eat 'chef' haza's signature dishes - spaghetti and soto. how wonderful when husband and wife get together in the kitchen to whip up yummies in huge portions!

it was a more relax setting since we missed the 'peak hour' where guests came in throngs. we took our own sweet time, enjoying the dishes, especially kak ziela's chicken rendang. excellent. thanks for the invite, kak ziela!

we ended the night with a hot teh tarik time, before heading back home to prepare our raya dish for tomorrow...


FiDa@aMiDa said...

syiqim..takpe ambil gambar fida hehehe..yg best u sempat amik my kuih cara hijau tu heheh i pon tak sempat ambil gmbr makanan yg masih tak terusik tu hehehhe

Syigim said...

hahaha... sempat amik gamba je tp xsempat nk makan! patutnya masa amik gamba tu siap2 cekau skali!

lenkali fida divide 2pinggan satu kat table, satu kat dlm for the ladies! hihi..

paij188 said...

klu falisha x kekah lg hr tu mesti masuk sekali.

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