Friday, May 27, 2011

Which Movie Props Do You Want to Own?

they’re selling all the stuff in the house used in ‘home alone’. read more here. what’s so WOW about that house? all i can remember is it’s just another american home with lots of christmas decor. it’s nice but not unique or anything.

but if you were to ask me what movie props i like to own – well :

* * *

the one ring

cammon. this goes without saying. i don’t wear jewellery apart from my wedding ring, so this will be just the coolest! i just hope it won’t lead sauron to dubai!


* * *


the entire stuff in monica and rachel’s apartment. oh, and why stop at the ‘stuff’ in the apartment. i even want to LIVE in that cool purple apartment!



the cool aquamarine kitchen cabinet, the cute mis-matched dining chairs, the fluffy comfy couches and the lovely drapes – even the new black and white chequered bathroom tiles that joey helped put out!

of course all those moments shared between monica, rachel, phoebe, chandler, joey and ross make the place much more memorable…


* * *


the delorean in back to the future


one of my all-time favorite movies! i can watch it over and over and over again. one time i was watching a ‘back to the future’ marathon on dubai channel this one night, and the next day there was a repeat, and i still wanna watch all three ‘back to the future’ again!

i feel like writing a brief what-it’s-about, but as i am typing, i can’t believe there’s anyone out there who hasn’t seen this movie!

the time machine used in this movie is a delorean, with car doors that open like wings. it was freakin awesome when i first saw a car like this. i want one! (and it’d be useful if it actually IS a time machine! haha)


* * *


filem melayu? takde props yang aku suka lah. mungkin aku nak baju puteri perak yang amy mastura pakai dalam filem ‘puteri impian’, atau kaset yang sudirman beli tapi takde player dalam filem ‘kami’ atau pejabat nanu baharuddin dalam filem ‘cinta’ – gile lawa office dia!


amirah said...

kete back to the! my choice jugak tu ...lord of the ring..kalo filem melayu..ermmm ermmm custome cicak man? hahaha

Syigim said...

amirah, hahaha....kasi your boy lah pakai baju mini cicak man ;)

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