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Syigim’s 5 Best Wedding Movies

the magical royal wedding may have ended, but love is forever in the air. why do i enjoy watching the royal wedding?

  1. because william is so dashing, and kate is so beautiful – a perfect fairy tale couple
  2. because princess diana’s eldest son got married
  3. because they’re members of one of the oldest surviving royalties in the world
  4. ..and because i’m a sucker for happy endings
  5. and of course, because i love british accent (haha reason ni pun bole ke!)

well, like i said, love is forever in the air. so here are 5 of my favorite wedding movies, starting from the 5th, all the way down to my favorite of all time.


* * *



overweight, not popular, not fashionable, broken family – muriel is a social ugly duckling, shunned by the popular, bitchy girls. she always yearns for a beautiful wedding with the man of her dreams. she even ‘made up’ a fiance and went all over sydney trying out wedding gowns and taking pictures. when she finally got married – it’s just a ‘pretend’ marriage to a handsome sportsman in order for him to get a green card! and all along the way of discovering herself, she always have her true friend; rhonda.

this aussie movie will take you on a funny, at times sad and touching journey with muriel – from self-loathing, to self-confidence. ‘muriel’s wedding’ is about being yourself, and loving it.

oh, and if you like abba, this movie is packed with their songs!

rhonda: i've seen your book. you've tried on every dress in sydney!
muriel: that doesn't mean i'm gonna get married.
rhonda: then what DOES it mean?
muriel: it means i WANT to get married. i've always wanted to get married!



* * *



i love ‘love’s brother’ because she is so, so beautiful, delicate and feminine, and he is so, so handsome and manly! and the setting is so lovely, it’s somewhere in australia but these people are italians.

two brothers : angelo and gino. angelo is shy, quiet and insecure. his younger bro gino is funny, dashing and oh, so handsome. angelo wants to get married; so he writes a lot of letters to girls along with his photographs – but they always rejects, and sends back his picture. finally he writes to this girl rosetta, and decides to send his cute brother’s picture instead!

yes, you guess what happens next! rosetta falls in love with the man in the picture, and agrees to come over to marry angelo, whom she thought looks like gino. oh-oh! kesian gile scene masa rosetta finds out – but i love how she’s nice enough to try and accept angelo, and yet still has strong feelings for gino.

a sweet movie to show how destiny can bring you closer to the one you’re supposed to love… the clip below is practically the WHOLE movie condensed in a clip without dialogue, but with instrumental. don’t watch till the end if you don’t want to know the ending!




* * *



if you love julia roberts, how can you NOT like ‘my best friend’s wedding’?. apart from ‘pretty woman’, she is a total darling in this movie! a funny, scheming, klutzy darling, but a darling nonetheless!

julia suddenly realizes that she’s in love with her best friend BUT she realized her feelings a little too late – he’s getting married to another girl! and she’s going all out to stop the wedding!

cameron diaz as the other woman is totally adorable in this movie with her shrill laughter and hype, that you really cannot hate her. rupert everret as julia robert’s gay friend pretending to be her fiance is hillarious in his role. what a ball of comedy!

yes, this is one of those movies when you realized that the guy friend you’ve been spending so much time with is the ONE man you wanna spend ALL and the rest of your time with! (i think my youngest sister’s love story is like that haha – realizing that the comot guy she’d known all her life, turned out to be the one…)

michael : kimmy says if you love someone you say it, you say it right then, out loud. otherwise the moment just...
julianne : passes you by...
michael : passes you by...


* * *



‘four weddings and a funeral’ – the unlikely british hit that catapulted hugh grant to hollywood. it’s a wonderfully funny movie about a group of friends spewing british wit, attending – well – four weddings, and a funeral. and in between, there’s love and friendship.

the main loves story in this movie is not that romantic, (mostly because i don’t like the lead actress!) but this movie as a whole is so funny, (how funny? rowan ‘mr-bean’ atkinson makes a cameo as a nerve-wreck priest!) and it’s not boring because it’s filled with little quips and jokes about marriage. a really enjoyable one, especially if you like british wit.

this is just one of the many hillarious conversations :

charles: so, john, how's that lovely girlfriend of yours?
john: she's not my girlfriend now-
charles: oh dear - well, don't be sad! I heard that she was still seeing old toby de lisle! she needed two men, you know!
john: she's now my wife...
charles: excellent, excellent! may I congratulate you?


* * *



…and this is my favorite wedding movie of all time. i love period movies, i love british accent, and i love jane austen. i just LOVE this movie. based on a book by jane austen, the movie is brilliantly witty. full of funny one-liners that would at least put a smile on your face.

‘emma’ is a delightful tale of a match-maker who keeps mismatching people to out of her own misjudgments. well, in a society where the ladies do nothing but dress up, sip tea and attend parties; one of their few concerns is marrying off any available single girls!

while emma is busy match-making everyone else, what about HERS?

“the most beautiful thing in the world is a match well made.” ~emma woodhouse


* * *


well, actually what got me started writing about my favorite wedding movies is this article i read in the star. for full article, click here.

these are other good wedding movies worth mentioning.

  • the wedding planner : wedding planner falls in love with the groom. oh-oh!
  • runaway bride : fickle-minded bride who keeps leaving her groom at the altar!
  • the wedding singer : jilted man started singing bad wedding songs
  • my big fat greek wedding : noisy greek family meets quiet, composed american family
  • father of the bride : the title says it all
  • bride wars : good friends fighting over the same date to get married
  • made of honor : boy finally realizes his feelings when his girl best friend is getting married


* * *


hmm. rindu pulak nak gi kenduri kawen makan nasi minyak dengan ayam masak merah. sekali dengan air sirap semestinya!


amirah said...

my best friend's wedding tu memng all time fav movie kan..kak, hv u been to any of the arabs wedding ke?oo...i remember one of ur rasanya mcm tkde gmbr the brige n groom..

Syigim said...

amirah, arabs wedding xpenah lagi. tapi penah attend indian wedding kat dubai ni. meriah habis. tauke kaya india ;)

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