Monday, May 16, 2011

Anatomy of a Car Crash

what happens during a car accident. read every sentence. i shudder reading the final sentence. “…the last three-tenths of the second (during a car accident) mean nothing to the driver (because he/she would be dead). i got this from gulfnews dot com. actual article here.

* * *

“Here's what happens in the first fatal second when a car going at 90km/h hits a solid object.”


In the first 10th of a second, the front bumper and grill collapses.


The second 10th finds the hood crumbling, rising and striking the windshield as the spinning rear wheels lift from the ground. Fenders begin wrapping around the solid object. Although the frame has been halted, the rest of the car is still going 90km/h. The driver instinctively stiffens his legs, and they snap at the knee joint.


During the third 10th of the second, the steering wheel starts to disintegrate and the steering column aims for the driver's chest.

The fourth 10th of the second finds two feet of the car's front end wrecked, while the rear end still moves at 56km/h. The driver's body is still travelling at 90km/h.


In the fifth tenth of a second, the driver is impaled on the steering column, and blood rushes into his/her lungs.


The sixth tenth of a second, the driver's feet are ripped out of his/her shoes. The brake pedal breaks off. The car frame buckles in the middle. The driver's head smashes into the windshield as the rear wheels fall back to earth.


In the seventh 10th of the second, hinges rip loose, doors fly open and the seats break free, striking the driver from behind.


The seat striking the driver does not bother him/her because he/she is already dead. The last three-tenths of the second mean nothing to the driver.



* * *

alhamdulillah, in my years of driving, i’ve only been involved in a little accident once in ipoh, and one other time at one utama basement parking lot was just a stupid mistake on my part.

the one in ipoh happened when a white van stopped suddenly in front of me, causing me to hit the breaks. then a motorbike hit my car from the back. that’s it. alhamdulillah it was such a forgettable experience.

i remember this one awful incident – my very young nephews haiqal and haqeem were in the car with their dad, when the car spurned out of control and turned turtle! terbalik kereta tu! while my bro-in-law had some bruises and cuts, my nephews were TOTALLY unharmed. semua orang cakap, malaikat lindung tu. alhamdulillah.

* * *

be safe. wear seatbelt. don’t be arrogant and tailgate or flash other drivers when angry. be patient. be aware of road conditions. check your car before travelling. biar lambat asal selamat. DO NOT SPEED. drive responsibly.


Anonymous said...

bile kak syigim post benda ni?? huhu...terkejut tina! tina baru lps accident pagi td..but im fine..keta je teruk..huhu

transformed housewife said...

Reading the article has given the goose bumps to me. Those final seconds can happen so quickly.

Syigim said...

>> tina, didnt know anything about ur accident when i posted this. anyway, alhamdulillah kereta je yg kemek. worse things could happen.

>> kak nur, me too! exactly the same feeling. they really broke down the seconds of an accident...

Pala Maldini said...

accident terburuk : kereta spin & hit the side drainage. I got lucky, because the other side is gaung!

Nia said...

huhu,...i pernah langgar kereta org dari belakang...trauma sampai sekrg. tp tak menghalang i utk drive ke shopping complex..hehe

Syigim said...

>> pala maldini, gaung?! kat mana tu! alhamdulillah masih ada di sini utk berblog!

>> nia, trauma-trauma pun, shopping punya psl bole lupa trauma ye hihi

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