Monday, May 30, 2011

Let’s Stay Positive About Smoking

sarcasm at its best. happy ‘world no tobacco day’!



Yeah, we’re just wondering, why don’t you tell people there is arsenic in cigarette smoke?
And why don’t you . . .
All just focus on the positive?
Cause positive’s the way you oughta be?
Why don’t we all stop being so derogative
To the big tobacco companies!

We asked “Is nicotine addictive?”
We told you that it’s not.
Okay, then maybe everyone just likes it a whole lot.

So why destroy the research?
You think that they’re afraid?

Naw, we’re just getting ready for a tickertape parade!

Owh, let’s try to focus on the positive!
Sure they may kill 4 million folks a year.
But let’s stay focused on the positive-
There’s plenty of us still here.

So what if we remove a lung
You shouldn’t be depressed.
It’s really for the best.
It’s something off your chest.

And, yes we know that tobacco causes cancer of the bladder!
It doesn’t really matter-they make diapers for adults!

His tumor was malignant
But look-he’s not indignant!

He knows-
You’ve gotta . . .

Just stay focused on the positive.
Every 8 seconds a smoker dies – it’s becoming routine!
But let’s stay focused on the positive.
Those 7 seconds in-between.

Know what I mean?

We’ll just stay focused on the positive.
They’re not marketing to teens, they’re reaching out to our youth!
So let’s all focus on the positive.
We’re positive-positive.
That’s the truth.



lawak kan lagu ni! what a punch in the face for smokers! but you know what – i bet they don’t even care. i bet they’re not the littlest bit affected. i bet you can pass a law that says ciggies are as expensive as petrol, and they will still buy.

i think they need to get to the root of the prob. how does someone actually START smoking? i’m worried for my boys. when i do catch them smoking one day, what will i do? i don’t have brothers, so i cannot see how my abah or mak would have reacted to a sibling who smokes.

I HATE SMOKERS. but i love you honey that’s why i want you to quit!

  1. they’re killing us with second-hand smoke
  2. they’re blowing yucky smoke into my beloved air
  3. they throw ciggie butts all over the place – cigarette butts are the most common litter ever
  4. they throw ciggie butts from car windows so when i’m driving behind them i will get the hisses of burnt ciggie across my windscreen!


…but what a wife to do? nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag. and nag. nag some more. nag nag nag… nag.



some of the most coolest ‘stop smoking’ and ‘smoking kills’ advertisement on the net. with all this going around, i wonder what a smoker would feel like looking at them…


Anti Tobacco Advertising

Best Creative Anti Smoking Ad Campaigns

Best Creative Anti Smoking Ad Campaigns


* * *



death does happen to us all. but if i don’t simply go in the middle of the road to be run down by a car and die – why do you need to light up, polute my air, exposing yourself to all sorts of cancer, and eventual death?

quit now. before your time runs out.


blackmountain said... my ahmad too but if whacking him on the head with a frying pan could make him stop smoking, i'd do it in a heart beat!

transformed housewife said...

I'm lucky that my hubby doesn''t smoke BUT I do have 2 brothers who smoke and everytime I see them I nag, plead, threaten and do all the possible thing to make them stop.

Fara said...

hopefully ur hubby quit soon. my hubby quite 2 years ago. the reason he quit is because of me. sweet huh? hehe.. and my father yg perokok tegar tu pun dah quit, alhamdulillah. ikut jejak menantu lah tu :D cuma my bro in law je blm lagi, since my sis preggie ni kte org selalu gak bg ayat pedas sekali sekala kan

Syigim said...

>> anis, i think that would stop him from doing anything else too! :P

>> kak nur, syigim pun sama lah - nag, pleas, threatened nk join smoke skali pun ada! sigh......

Syigim said...

fara, my father doesn't smoke & i dont have adik beradik lelaki so i mmg xpernah experience someone close to me yg smoke.

hrap2 termakbul doa nak tgk my husband quit.. :)

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