Saturday, May 28, 2011

Al Mawlid : Soul Brothers Singing R&B Nasyid

have you heard them sing ‘belaian jiwa‘ dedicated to Rasulullah? yes! lunak, merdu, memang membelai jiwa! i LOVE r&b songs. it’s the only genre of music i can tolerate! imagine nasyid in r&b – awesome!

i’ve been (and still is) a HUGE fan of innuendo. i love their songs and the way they sang is just mesmerizing – definitely a malaysian boyz to men. listening to the way they sang, you’d never guessed they’re a bunch of malay dudes.

now innuendo has teamed up with little brothers from r&b groups VE and ruffedge to form a spiritual singing group – al-mawlid. awesome, awesome!


(image : google) 


my sister syidot was the first to share a link to their video clip. i was literally ternganga listening to the beautiful rnb-ized nasyid for the first time! praises for Allah and our beloved prophet Muhammad stylized in rhythm and blues to perfection.

pot innuendo’s sweet sound, lah VE’s beautiful croon, azan ruffedge’s fierce passion, plus the rest of the soul brothers – what a combination! take a listen to the ‘belaian jiwa’ below, given a religious twist. it’s absolutely wonderful to hear.



here is another beautiful song by the talented young men. mendayu-dayu yang sangat best! suka sangat! truly full of love for our beloved Prophet.



can’t wait for more songs, especially pop songs turned into spriritual ones like what they did with ‘belaian jiwa’. you know – like how whoppie goldberg’s character did in ‘sister act’? how she changed the pop songs ‘i will follow you’, and ‘my guy’ into gospel songs?

we can turn our malaysian popular songs to fit spiritual and nasyid feel to, so that youngsters can relate better! anuar zain’s ‘lelaki ini’ pun boleh ubah sikit sebagai lagu untuk Rasulullah kan…hihi

and i hope there are no hati busuk people doubting their ‘pilgrimage’ to this fine image and songs. if they remained this way, or continue singing their previous pop r&b songs – who are we to judge how they are di sisi Allah, right? cakap je alhamdulillah! Allah knows best!


Pala Maldini said...

"Belaian Jiwa" by innuendo is considered as Our song (me and my wife)

Syigim said...

>> pala maldini, that's super sweet! belaian jiwa mmg berhantu!

FJ said...

Thanks for putting this up. I am so mighty happy with their transformation! Just found out about Al-Mawlid last night masa tgk AlHijrah and I'm like wiowwwwwwwwwwwww

Syigim said...

FJ, best kan??? i just found out about them a couple of weeks. wonderful surprise. waiting for more songs :)

almawlid said...


MasyaAllah, terima kasih atas sokongan anda! Bersama Menuju Mahabbah Rasulullah s.a.w!

p/s blog almawlid:

Syigim said...

salam, thanks for dropping by, wakil al-mawlid!

check out these postings too!

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