Monday, May 16, 2011

Hello Abah!

this was how abah looked like when i called him on the phone last weekend. bestnye tengok expression abah aku bila aku call. hihi.


my abah


this was in ipoh – my sisters were ALL there. ALL. my eldest sis yong and her kids. my younger sis syima and her girls. my youngest sisters syidot and azot were off for the weekend, and hangin out in ipoh too.

they went to this nasi lemak ayam kampung restaurant with abah and umi, and azi updated her facebook status while they’re there. bila nampak status tu, i just called up abah. and when abah was talking to his cute little daughter in dubai, azot took the above shot.



hello abah! assalamualaikum!” and bla bla bla. sembang abah anak.

* * *

sigh. miss them. i hate that they’re all there without me. but i miss them. don’t have too much fun without me, please… but technically, we were ALL there, like my sister syidot said – because i was VIRTUALLY there too through abah’s phone. haha. cruel, but haha.


amirah said...

oh, that's how we should use smart-tech..!! hehe

lina said...

syigim - Untung zaman sekarang ada technology walau jauh beribu batu masih boleh tengok insan2 tersayang.

Syigim said...

amirah & kak lina, alhamdulillah dapat la sembang walaupun kejap :) zaman anak2 kita nanti macamane pulak ye ;)

bole transport hologram kot!

Nadiah Sidek said...

"cute little daughter in dubai". nak jgk letak perkataan cute tu. ehe..

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