Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Khaleef Folds His Own Uniform!

my facebook friends may have heard – but yes – my eldest son folded his school uniform all by himself, without me asking, without me ever having taught him!

as a mother, it was such a sweet surprise for me! my boy is all grown up!


photo boxer pun dia lipat sekali! hihi


normally, every night before, i will lay down his clothes on the ironing board in the next room. every morning after he takes his bath, he knows where to get them. however, last night, when i went to prepare his school uniform, i saw that they are already nicely arranged on the ironing board – all neatly folded!

imagine my surprise!

he puts his plate and cup in the sink after every meal, sometimes he washes them if they’re plastic plates or cups. he clears the front hall at times without me asking, keeps his toys neatly and now he folds his uniform.

i’m so proud of you, khaleef!


* * *


khaleef at work


kalau ada anak lelaki, jangan ajar macam-macam sangat, nanti isteri dia yang untung.”

haha. ye ke?

being a daughter-in-law and a wife myself, i know how lucky i am to have a hands-on husband. ladies, you know what i’m talking about, huh? one who can change diapers, make the bed in the morning, can cook a yummy meal and occasionally washes the dishes, periuk belanga semua.

insyaAllah one day in return, i know one lucky lady will be thankful to khaleef’s mak! *wink wink*


amirah said...

me too la kak..mujur dpt husbnd yg rajin tulang and offers himself to do everthing termasuk anything for anak..mandi, tkr diaper, basuh yak, suap mkn..yup almost everything except breastfeed la..and honestly kdng2 goyang kaki and ada rasa guilt sbb dia nk buat semua..haha..i think i should thank my MIL very day la kalo camni..hehe

amirah said...

alamak typo..*everyday*..

pandainya khaleef..he shows examples as the eldest..kak, think start from now u can teach khaleef camne nak masak/kerja rumah yg simple2 kut..heheh

Mama Safiyyah said...

oklah....bolehla abang khaleef isi borang ;-)

Nadiah Sidek said...

bagus la khaleef ni. nak cop jadi menantu boleh? hihi..

Liz said...

kalau isteri boleh sama2 mencari rezeki utk keluarga, apa salahnya suami tlg isteri buat kerja rumah kan? *wink wink*

kak, saya nak berterima kasih kat akak awal-awal la camni *double meaning di situ. muahaha

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