Sunday, May 22, 2011

Boba-Bubble Tea Time

it’s iced tea, and black balls of round jelly bobbing in the mix. have you tried this oddly fun drink? i don’t really like it, but mr. khairul can finish up to 3 glasses! haha.



i don’t really like iced tea, and i don’t fancy the texture of the jelly. it’s too gummy-bear like. oklah, it’s really NOT jelly. because jelly or agar-agar is soft. this is harder, and liat – like gummy bear! i mean i LOVE gummy bears. but NOT in a drink!

tak suka lah.

hey, i like drinks which come with jelly. cincau is one of my all-time favorite drink. but the feel of the strips of black jelly cincau is very different from the black balls in this bubble tea drink!



 kahfi inspecting one of the ‘jellies’ stuck in the straw


warning : drink carefully to avoid choking


there’s even a warning at the bottom of the cup to remind people of the possibility of choking on the big black round jelly! imagine slurping so fast – i bet the hard jelly pops into your mouth like paint pellets from a paintball gun!

keep away from toddlers!



* * *


we tried the drink while hanging out at the food court in dubai mall. mr. khairul’s mckk super-senior uncle dzul (he’s just a year younger from my abah) from yemen was in town for a few days, so we picked him up and hung out with another ex-mckk abang shon and kak muna over bubble tea, ice-cream and cut-up fresh fruits. sembang punya sembang berjam-jam!

but this is the kind of friendship that is priceless!


murid-murid tua mckk


* * *


bubble tea? thanks, but no thanks. but you can always order 2-3 glasses just for mr. khairul!


Nadiah Sidek said...

baru je ari tu baca psl bubble dlm tea tapi kat malaysia la. kite mungkin tak suka gak kot. tak suka benda pelik2 dlm air termasuk cincau, ABC, cendol :p

lina said...

syigim - kak lina suka :) sedap.

nELi. said...

looks like am gonna like it :)

transformed housewife said...

Not for me too. Have seen so many BUbble Tea stalls nowadays in Msia.

Syigim said...

>> nadiah, kat msia dah lama ade bubble tea ni rasenye tp kita pun xpenah rasa. ish ish, cincau tu sedap tau! haha...

>> kak lina, sedap tu sedap, tp xbrape minat. khairul suka :)

Syigim said...

>> nELitA, we bought this one at dubai mall foodcourt. try, n see if you like it ;)

>> kak nur, syigim pun xbrape minat. teh tu sedap, tapi jelly tu besa sgt n xkena dgn drink tu

Qman said...


I read your comment regarding boba tea. I’m also a big fan of it. I went with my family to the food court in Dubai mall, but unfortunately I could not find anything. Kindly can you please guide me so I can enjoy it as well?
Thank you.

Syigim said...

hi qman, maybe you went to the food court on the ground floor, near the entrance to go up to burj khalifa?

we tried the bubble tea at the other food court on the 2nd flr near tgif. good luck next time :)

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