Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Khaleef : Class Photo 2011

this is something that i really, really like about schools in dubai. i don’t know about schools in other countries, but here they let the kids pose freely (but still in a straight line), resulting in a very laid-back photograph, yet so cool and fun to see.



even in the individual photographs, the kids can pose in any way they like. of course, they cannotlah stick their tongue out or do a bunny rabbit ear with their fingers ke, but you get my drift. just look at khaleef’s pose. haha.

when you’re in secondary school – fine, have a proper sitting-straight-according-to-height photograph, and have another ‘candid’ one. but i think primary kids can have interesting class photos like this, don’t you think?


with class teachers ms nalini and ms fatima


even so, this is NOT candid. when you take a candid picture, one or two in the group may not be ready, eyes closed, mouth open while laughing or hands up in the air while doing something.

this one here – eventhough the kids pose differently, it still is a controlled, organized photograph. they’re ‘instructed’ to choose one pose that they like, and you can see the fantastic result. everyone seemed relaxed, and they look like they’re having fun going to school and be with their friends.

i think this is a great way to take class photos, because it shows the kids’ personality, and let them explore their individuality. they can be themselves. they are, after all just in kindergarten. let them be wacky lah!



khaleef wrapped his hands around his waist, looking up with a cheeky smile. yes, he’s the boy next to the tocang-dua girl with the sling bag. habih bergaya la tu!


amirah said...

cool nya kak syigim..cantiknya class photo khaleef...and i like khaleef's pose..macho tu...!! haha

lina said...

Syigim – I like all the khaleed’s pics…he look cool and sweet. Even all his friends in photo look truly is take pleasure during the schooling time.

Affieza said...

Cantik gmbr mcm ni nmpk lebih santai jer..hehe

transformed housewife said...

cool photo.

nELitA. said...


Pala Maldini said...


Syigim said...

>> amirah, mmg cool kan cara class photo mcm ni :)

>> kak lina, mmg nampak diorang enjoy n happy :)

Syigim said...

>> affieza, yes mmg santai. budak-budak tu nampak lepak je kan :)

>> kak nur, yes! cool is the word! :)

Syigim said...

nelita & pala maldini : the kids are certainly cute because they're relaxing in their own favorite pose :)

Fara said...

mase darjah 6 and form 5 je baru ade chance amek gambar kelas, tu pun mmg skema tahap dewa. straight jek sume, pulak tu ngadap matahari. ade ke patut.. mmg mate sepet lah sume

Syigim said...

fara, sape lah photographer yg xpandai nk cari angle tu? semua habis sepet mata ye :)

kalau ikut cara baru ni cool jugak kan? :)

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