Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sugar Daddy’s Cupcake @ Jumeirah

i'm not a fan of cupcakes. the icing or frosting on top is too much compared to the size of the cake. ‘the frosting : cake’ ratio is so off that i don’t enjoy the combination. i LOVE looking at them though, especially those that are elaborately decorated. they’re so adorable, but so NOT my taste.

gimme old-school triangle-shaped slice of cake anytime.

however, my sweet-tooth boys are crazy about them, so one fine weekend, we went to hunt for cupcakes at ‘sugar daddy’s bakery’ in jumeirah.


our choice of cuppies from sugar daddy’s bakery


* * *




i first saw the adorably pastel sugar daddy’s bakery branch in dubai mall. but the one that we went to was in the village mall at jumeirah 1, along jumeirah beach road. if you don’t know it, it’s that building with shakespeare cafe at the entrance.


khaleef tak sabar nak masuk


look at the entrance. look at the transparent wall. look at the sweet stripey pastel green wallpaper inside. look at the pink polka dots. so sweet kan? you just wanna go in and check it out, right!

the wall decor – pink blocks of shelves with polka-dotted round boxes – looked like it came straight out from a doll’s house. adorable.





you can even see the kitchen crew working hard through a glass panel. it’s like a little factory! a factory full of sweet goodies!



one interesting thing about sugar daddy’s bakery is the funky names of its cupcakes. it’s not just boring unimaginative names like chocolate delight, or cherry dream, or sweet vanilla – how about eating ‘fake blonde’ (vanilla cupcake), ‘pink cadillac’ (with strawberry frosting), ‘too sneaky’ (choc cupcake with peanut butter frosting and snickers!)

gile cool nama cupcake diorang kan?


a very excited me looking at the colorful cupcakes


asked what is their bestseller, the staff quickly named ‘red velvet’ (no need introduction!) and ‘chocoholics anonymous’ – chocolate cupcake with rich chocolate frosting. i took those two without pause, and continued to pick another four.

“i want anything with cream cheese frosting”.

and the staff suggested ‘24 carrot’ (carrot cupcake) and ‘monkey business’ (banana cupcake) – see their cute names! then mr. khairul just picked some nutty ones for himself.

oh, the price for each cupcake is 12dhs. (sekali-sekala ye honey hihi)



while mak was busy choosing cupcakes, the boys had no trouble making themselves at home at the plush leather sofas. i should do this at home – plain, boring sofa, and garnished it with uber bright cushions.




kotak kecik je, but when the staff asked whether i wanted a paper bag – yes, please! because the paper bag is so cute! lalala, seronok bawak paper bag comel. hihi.


* * *



‘24 carrot’ (carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting) & ‘cookies n’scream’ (choc cupcake with oreo frosting)


‘chocoholics anonymous’ (choc cupcake with choc frosting) & ‘monkey business’ (banana cupcake with cream cheese frosting)


home at last! time to devour the sweet cuppies from sugar daddy’s bakery! my verdict :

red velvet – very, very disappointing. even at the bakery i was suprised that it had sugar frosting instead of cream cheese frosting, but i bought it anyway because it’s their best-seller. the red velvet cake itself is delightfully moist, but the sugar frosting spoils it badly. it would be perfect with cream cheese frosting.

‘monkey business’ (banana cupcake with cream cheese frosting) – my favorite. i love banana cake, so this cuppie is just great to eat with its cream cheese frosting. perfect combo. i’d buy this one again.

‘24 carrot’ (carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting) – the taste is superb, but the texture of the cake is too moist that it became too soft. there should be a difference of texture when we bite into the cake together with the frosting – but this one just lump together in one mushy goo. delicious, but could be improved on the texture.

‘chocoholics anonymous’ (choc cupcake with rich choc frosting) – strictly for fans of chocolate. it’s SO chocolatey. dark, heavy, rich chocolate taste. i get muak with just one bite, but you choc-freaks out there might like it.

i didn’t get to taste the other two - ‘nuts about you’ was for mr. khairul, and khaleef finished up the oreo cupcake.


red velvet. moist cake. taste good. BAD frosting.


i’m still not a fan of cupcake. but you gimme that small freakish cake in a cup with a generous blob of cream cheese frosting, i’ll gobble it up in minutes.


FN said...

i am a fan of cuppies! tp fan of the design only, boleh jugak kan? hehe. mmg muak kalau mkn byk. setakat ni tak jumpe lg yg 'superb' tasting. tgk kat DC cupcakes, oh so comelnyeee

blackmountain said...

branching out into being a food critics, are u? heheh tp tgk pics mmg terliur..

Syigim said...

>> fara, i pun minat design je! cupcakes mmg comel2 sgt esp yg betul2 creative tu. :D

>> anis, i've always been a food critic since starting this blog in dubai ;) makan makan makan!

transformed housewife said...

I'm not a fan of cup cakes too. I prefer to make my own simple cream cheese frosting or sour cream frosting. But a more elaborated decoration in not my forte.

adyllbbs said...



Syigim said...

>> kak nur, sour cream frosting??? tak pernah dgr or taste! sedap ke? goes with what cake? vanilla cupcake?

>> dylla, mmg keciwa red velvet yg tak berape sedap huhu

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